I thought my 43 today was a challenge – then…I did the rest of my work-out – I’m not sure which one was harder today!

For the 43, I did a tuck roll with a stability ball.  Start with tops of feet/shins on stability ball in plank position.  Roll the ball forward, tucking your knees up to your chin. Extend legs back to start.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg4HYtkFKj4′]

After that, the real fun started :Happy-Grin:

Instead of running, lifting or doing a DVD today I just decided to do 100 of each of the following.  After my warm-up, I started and did not stop until I was done with the final activity – 30 minutes total (not counting warm-up and cool-down).

  1. Jog in place
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Right punches to corners – bounce and turn from left to right corner as you punch
  4. Left punches to corners
  5. Alt. front kicks – with bounce and opposite hand touching toe
  6. Alt. back kicks – look back over shoulder each time
  7. Crunches on stability ball
  8. Alt. quadricep extensions while sitting on stability ball – hands behind head – feet flexed
  9. 3-step with knee lift – step to right then to left
  10. Stiff leg dead lift
  11. Alt. front knee lifts – with bounce and opposite elbow touching knee
  12. Alt. side bends
  13. Butt kicks
  14. Step out to squat – step right and squat then step left and squat
  15. Right knee repeater
  16. Left knee repeater
  17. Jog in place
  18. March in place

Fun to turn on some music and bust this out but it was no joke!

On with the day!


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