37 Miles of Running (and it was GOOD!!)

Today’s 44 was a fairly simple move but definitely one that works a lot of  muscles.  I took my resistance band and put the loops on my feet then pulled the middle up to my chest.

sort of like this
sort of like this

Actually I put my upper body closer to the ground (but not on it)

can you tell that my back is not on the ground?
can you tell that my back is not on the ground?

From this awkward position, I did flutter kicks with my legs.

right down left up
right down left up
switch (this picture is actually more of a motion shot!!)

(Drill weekend makes it hard to get pictures – Chris leaves early and the boys are still sleeping!!!)

The move was great for working my abs (entire core actually) and my hip flexors which are a little bit sore from yesterday.  I counted a right leg down and left leg down as 1 rep.

Yesterday morning after a poor night of sleep thanks to an incredibly loud crash at 2:05 am and time spent wandering through the house to try and find the source, Chris found out what it was when he left at 5:30 am.  See the patch job on that fence? 

DSCN0176Well, the fence was put up a couple of years ago to surround a generator of some sort that the city/county/someone put in our yard (for the entire lake neighborhood).  Anyway, the generator is pretty damaged right now thanks to someone crashing into the fence and it at 2:05 am Friday morning – kind of scary!!!

The morning continued by throwing another curveball into my plans.  Hunter came upstairs with a nosebleed (he gets them fairly often) and this was the kind that wouldn’t stop.  Poor boy!!  His nose bled from 6:30 until about 7:30.  We usually leave at 7:20 for school and he hadn’t even been able to eat breakfast.

So, I took Jordan and came back for Hunter (the middle school and high school are pretty much side-by-side and start within 10 minutes of each other).   The worst part for Hunter was the fact that his team (they have teams at the middle school) was leaving at 8:30 to go to an elementary school for READ Day.  Thankfully he was better when I got back home so I took him to school (he ended up having another nosebleed when he got there but made it to his class by 8:25!!).

Run 60 race shirt
Run 60 race shirt

I started my run a little later than I had planned to but it all worked out!!!

Plenty of time to watch movies/DVRed TV while running 37 miles – I watched You Again (with Jamie Lee Curtis), What to Expect When You’re Expecting (super cute), finally watched Sean & Catherine get married on The Bachelor Wedding (it was very awkward at times!!!), and the latest episode of Dance Moms!!!

And just a short 5 hours and 23 minutes later, this happened!!!

not just 23 minutes (it flipped 3 times!!)
not just 23 minutes (it flipped 3 times!!)

This was truly the best mega run I’ve had in a long time.  I ran the entire way (no walking) and other than achey knees and sore feet, I felt strong for all 37 miles!!!

a bit sweaty but...
a bit sweaty but…

I’m glad that I did the virtual race – I know that the entry fee went to a good cause and it was fun to think about Kristin doing the same distance out in CA (we actually ran almost the exact same time – she was a minute faster in 5:22) plus it was good for my long distance running mojo!!!

Happy Saturday!!!


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