The start of a new year – my year of 44 and year #2 of blogging!!!

Today’s 44 (and it counts as today because even though most of it was yesterday, I finished after midnight!!!) was a 44 mile run (truthfully, it ended up being a run and then a walk).

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 8.41.55 AMAll happy before I started – CRAZY!!!

I’m not gonna lie – THIS 44 SUCKED!!!!!

I started off running and was right on pace for my goal for the first 24 miles – not fast, just an even 6 mph. Then, things started to go really south.  My left Achilles, which has been giving me trouble for quite awhile was killing me and my stomach was not happy.  I decided to switch to a run/walk combo which I did for the next 4 miles.

At mile 28, I stopped for a minute and went in the room where Jordan was (Chris & Hunter were at small group but Jordan stayed home) and told him I wanted to quit.  I told him that running 44 miles was stupid and I didn’t want to do it!!! 

Jordan basically told me to SUCK IT UP!!!  He said, just walk if you have to but you can’t quit!!!

So, I hopped back on and walked (and walked and walked) and pretty much hated every step but…..I did it!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 8.45.45 AM

Clearly it didn’t take me 37:55 – my treadmill rolls over every 100 minutes and it had already rolled over 5x.  It took me 8 hours 57:55 minutes.  Not my original plan/goal but thanks to Jordan pushing me, I met the distance goal.

Today, I’m perfectly happy with a rainy, coolish day for my birthday!  I’m all decked out in compression gear – shorts and socks –  and planning on being a complete BUM for the day!!!

I’m excited to see what the next year of 44s and blogging will bring!  I just went back to my very first post and other than going with a similar title, I can see how my blog changed during the past year and I’m sure that there will be more changes over the course of year #2!!

Happy Monday!!!



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