A Big Day for my “Little” Boy

Today’s 44 was a fun push up move – using 2 small wobble balls and a medicine ball.

I flipped them over today
I flipped them over today

I put my hands on the small balls (out sort-of wide) and both feet on 1 medicine ball –

ready - hard to hold this position!
ready – hard to hold this position!

The daily challenge for #happyfitmarch was to do as many push-ups as you could in 2 minutes.  I decided to combine my 44 with the challenge.  I did a total of 58 push-ups in the 2 minutes!

Today is a day full of cello for Hunter.  

He has his Philharmonic Orchestra concert this afternoon.  This is a full orchestra made up of mostly middle school kids in Topeka and surrounding areas.  Hunter has enjoyed this even though it is a big time commitment on top of his cello lessons, cello group and sports at school.


Tonight is the final for the Topeka Young Musician Awards.  Hunter had to submit a video to enter this contest.  He is one of four 7th grade stringed instruments competing in his category.  (I’m not sure how many submitted videos but only 4 advanced to tonight’s performance.)

This will be Hunter’s first solo in front of a large group and I know he is nervous but he will do great.  He has practiced and is ready!

(Hunter’s submission video.)

Good luck, Hunter!!!  I know that you will be awesome!!!

Happy Sunday!


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