A Fun Competition

Today’s 44 was a single leg plank with a quarter turn to switch legs.  (Basically it was just a way to stay in plank for a long time!!!)

I counted each turn as 1 rep so technically I only did 22 planks with each leg!!!

And, Stacy and I are fixing to head out for another freezing cold 8 mile run!!!  (21 degrees)  I don’t know how some of y’all do this every day – the cold is miserable!!!

Yesterday as part of our Thanksgiving feast – we did 2 turkeys.  Chris did one in the turkey fryer and I roasted one.

one fried - one roasted
one fried – one roasted

The fried turkey is one the left and the roasted turkey on the right.  I told everyone they had to vote for their favorite because everything should be a competition!!!  (pretty sure I won – at least in my mind!!!)  It might have been a tie because turkey is turkey!!!

OK – no more stalling – out to the arctic!!!

Happy Friday!!


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