A Happy Heart

Today’s 44 is one of those moves that looks like it’s no big deal but after you do a few you will feel it for sure!!!  

Start with weights in each hand and arms in an upright row position – 


From this position, flip your arms out and up over head –

top position
top position

Roll your arms back in front of you to the start to complete the first rep.  I started with 8 pound dumbbells but dropped down to 5 pounds after the first 22 because I could feel myself trying to swing the dumbbells.  44 of these were a challenge!!

Today is the 4th day of 100 jumping lunges – not my favorite but such an effective move – thanks, Taylor for really challenging me!!!

And, another day on the treadmill – always a happy thing!!!  Today was a quick 7 miles (1.5% incline – 47:51) and then 1.5 easy miles to finish up.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 6.51.56 AM

Some days my heart is happy to the point of overflowing!!  Today is a happy heart day for sure!

This week has been a week of exciting new things for both of my boys.

Hunter has really been busy with cello stuff this year – school, Youth Philharmonic, private lessons, group…..In early January he submitted an entry to the Topeka Young Musician Awards.  Only 4 sting instruments (from all the 7th graders in Topeka) advance to the next level.  We found out Saturday that Hunter is one of those 4!!!

picture from last year

picture from last year

Hunter is nervous because this will be his first big solo in front of a large audience but he will be great.  The winner gets $200 and 2nd place $100 – he’s hoping to get his first cash prize!!!

Jordan did something at the beginning of this week that is completely outside of his comfort zone – he auditioned for a play with the Topeka Civic Theater.  Jordan is very quiet outside of our home except with a few good friends but a friend who has been acting for years talked him into it because it is his favorite book, movie…..

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 7.05.24 AM


We found out yesterday that he has a couple of roles in the play!!!!  I’m so proud of him for even trying out and now he will be doing something that makes him nervous but that he is excited about!!!

I’m proud of both boys for even trying these things and I’m proud of them for being willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zones to perform in front of others!!!

Every day these guys make my heart happy!!!

my boys
my boys

Happy Thursday!!!


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