A Life of Moderation or a Life of Extremes – Can the 2 Combine??

Today I used a simple little band for my 43.Band

This band is fairly small and provides a lot of resistance.  ( Note:  you could do the move without a band.)  I started with the band around one ankle and the bottom of my other shoe:


(Check out my super cute running skirt!!  MizFit workout skirt – check it out here.)

From this position, I pushed my foot straight back (it’s not a big move) and then brought it back to the start.

push foot back
push foot back

After 43 of the back-push move, I did another set of 43 where I flexed my leg down (without touching the ground) and back up.

 going down
going down
push leg down (don't touch ground)
push leg down (don’t touch ground)

These moves may look like nothing but if you squeeze your butt as you do both of them, you will feel it for sure!

Of course, I don’t want my hamstrings or butt to be lopsided so I had to repeat both of the 43s  on the other leg.  I think the second leg is always harder because it is already a little fatigued from supporting you while you work the first side.

Today was a running day for a couple of reasons:  it’s been a few days since my last run and that’s about the only thing I can do because my arms HURT!!!!  I’m not sure who thought doing thousands of jumping jacks was a good idea!!  Moving my arms to run was OK once I got started but lifting my arms to the side or over my head – painful.  I had no idea that jumping jacks could do that to a person – maybe it is because I’m an idiot and did 4,300!!!

Anyway – I ran on my treadmill (I don’t run in snow, you know) at a 1.5% incline – 8 miles (52:17) and then 2.5 more miles much easier for a total of 85:00 minutes.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.17.54 AMModeration can apply to so many things and areas of our lives.  We all know that I like wine and cosmos and… but I do try to always use moderation in that part of my life.Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 10.43.58 AMPotato chips – ummm…..hard to have moderation here!  (I have to just not buy them!!!)

What about other areas of life (not just food/beverages)?  Is moderation important?

In a lot of ways, I’m an all-or-nothing person.  I know that isn’t always for the best butScreen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.15.31 AM

I don’t really think that (all the time)!  Some days I need to work on moderation (like when I have a stupid idea to do 4,300 jumping jacks!!!) but other days I kind of like extremes!

What are you – moderate, extreme, mixture of both, neither?

Happy Tuesday!!


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