A Slight Overreaction

Today’s 44 was a stupid choice an elevated push-up with a clap.  I used a chair for the elevation.  

Clearly these are hard for me!!  I think the fact that yesterday was also chest day in the Michelle Bridges program didn’t help!!  I only did half (22) on my toes then I dropped to my knees so I could actually still do a push-up (without bending my body so much).

And, even though it’s only day 2, I think it’s safe to say that this Michelle Bridges 12 week program is going to be good for me.  The soreness I’m feeling  today is rare for me!!!  

I am going to have to play around some to try and figure out how to do my daily 44, the February challenge with Taylor (which I’m very excited about!), this new program and plenty of solid running miles!!!  

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.14.54 AMYesterday the weather forecast for today looked something like the above predictions.  The snow was supposed to start falling after midnight and by 6:00 am it was supposed to be coming down at the rate of 1.5″ per hour or more.

8:00 am
8:00 am

Instead, it looks like this outside.  The backyard isn’t even covered and the snow on the ground is actually from late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

a view of our street
a view of our street

Barely covering the street and again most of it is because they did not plow on Saturday and we have just been driving on snow the past couple of days.

out the front
out the front

Even now, no snow is falling at all.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.18.48 AMThe over-reaction might have happened last night!!!

By dinner time we knew that school was cancelled for today.  And, Chris actually got the day off because all Government offices had announced they would be closed today.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if school is going to be cancelled, I prefer to know the night before so that we don’t have to set alarms.  However, if we don’t get any snow I think that maybe we could have had school today.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.22.07 AMI guess we will just take our bonus day and enjoy it!!!  

And, I’m definitely not complaining about the lack of snow – if we only end up with what is on the ground right now then I will be HAPPY!!!  

Do you think the decision to cancel school should be made based on a weather prediction or what till it actually happens?
Is it a snow day for you?

Happy Tuesday!!!

An update on the snow – 



5:30 pm
5:30 pm
5:30 pm
5:30 pm




PS – Please keep my sister-in-law (Dina – she is married to Tim, my twin) and her family in your thoughts today and tomorrow – she is saying her final goodbyes to her Mom.


80 thoughts on “A Slight Overreaction”

  1. We get that all the time here mostly b/c of the ice we end up with. Schools were already closed by this morning. However, today it paid off b/c we have solid ice coming down right about now. Sorry to hear about your SIL’s situation. Thinking about her.

  2. Strangely enough, no snow days in San Diego! And yes, I totally suck for mentioning that.

    And wow, can I say it’s almost refreshing to actually see you STRUGGLE with an exercise? I may have to keep that video on hand for the next time you knock out a 735 mile run or you bench press a school bus or whatever, just to have a handy reminder that you are indeed mortal. :)

    Will send warm thoughts to Dina, sounds really tough. :(
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    1. Umm….maybe a little bit for mentioning the lack of snow days in San Diego. That’s OK – I’m holding out – less than 8 years (hopefully just 6!) till we retire to a beach!!!
      HaHa!!! I did flub that move pretty bad!! That’s the beauty of what I do here – no editing just me trying to do new moves and sometimes failing epically!!!
      Thanks for thinking about Dina – I know these days are rough (and I feel bad because I can’t go down – Texas).
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  3. Oh wow, they closed the school BEFORE the snow even fell? That would never happen here. We get the 5am call if school is closed. At this point, with having to make up 4 days in June already, I’d really be ticked. Wow! Your grass is showing! I think they backed our snow off to 5-7″ which is totally ho hum. But I’m pretty sure there’s lots more coming this weekend. When does it end??
    Marcia recently posted…Virtual Racing #WinterMiles and #5bythe5thMy Profile

    1. Marcia, this is only the 2nd time they have done it before the snow – the last time we got zero. Today it actually started snowing and Chris just came in from snow blowing the driveway and said it is well over a foot and still coming down – school is cancelled for tomorrow, too.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Janine, the snow has sort of put me in a bad mood today. I’m happy that I was able to be in with my family but knowing how cold it is going to be for the next week + I know that it won’t be melting anytime soon. We are over a foot right now and still falling – UGH!!
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Kathy, as it turned out, it was a good call. By lunchtime the roads were bad and the snow made it hard to see while driving. Chris just came in from blowing the driveway and he said it is over a foot and still falling.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  4. I grew up in a snow belt area and they never did this but maybe they should have. We often would get a storm during the day while we were at school and then everybody that lived more than 2km away and everybody that came by bus would have to sleep at the school. I always lied and walked the 5km home as did everybody I knew. One time that was particularly difficult and a police car stopped and chewed us out and then drove us home.
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  5. We are getting your snow here. It started this morning around 6 AM and isn’t due to stop until tomorrow morning. Our school district decided to close at 8:45 PM last night, but they were one of the last. I had to go into work, but got sent home after a couple of hours. It’s a ghost town out there!
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  6. Ahhhh I am so gllladddd you’re loving the Michelle Bridges program!!!!!! I am glad to hear it’s HARD TOO 😉

    Oh man, I remember back in the day when they used to close school for a snow flake in the sky. Ridiculous however, I loved it because I always hated school – ALWAYS! But then I went to boarding school, FOR SNOWBOARDING, so uh… We didn’t have snow days, we had POWDER DAYS – which meant, we still have to train/practice for our competitions, so we really never got days off, EVER! I think the whole better be safe than sorry thing is good for SOME things, but when it comes to the weather, until the weather people are 100000% sure there will be horrendous weather, people should take a chance. I mean, after all, life is just ONE BIG RISK, right?
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    1. GiGi, I’m laughing about the fact that instead of snow days you had POWDER days – I’m pretty sure that snow boarding will never be my thing – I hate skiing. Mostly I hate SNOW!!!
      But, I am loving the Michelle Bridges program – thank you, thank you!!! I can tell it is going to challenge me every single day which is always my goal!
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Tina, I posted a couple of updated pictures – it ended up being a good choice. Chris just came in from snow blowing the driveway and said it is over a foot and still coming down. Tomorrow will be another snow day.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Michelle, I was fortunate when the boys were younger, because I worked at their school so their snow days were snow days for me, too.
      And, today ended up being a good call – we are currently are over a foot with snow still falling.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  7. In our school district, people yell at the school if they cancel, and yell if they don’t. It’s crazy, and I am SOOO glad that I’m not one of the people who have to make those decisions! No snow here – and the temps over the weekend were high enough that almost all of the snow we did have melted away and I was actually able to run on (mostly) dry streets today!
    Diana recently posted…Day 2My Profile

    1. Diana, I agree – I wouldn’t want to be one of the ones to make the call. However, they did end up making the right call this time. It started snowing around 9 this morning and hasn’t quit – we are over a foot currently.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Laura, we had a winter like that about 3 or 4 years ago.
      Today it ended up being the right choice to cancel school – after the snow started at 9 this morning it has snowed all day – we are at a foot+ with it still coming.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  8. Those pushups are HARD! Good job!

    Haha, I think it’s funny that schools are closing over there because of snow- what if that would be the case here in Sweden haha, there would be now school at all during winter 😀
    Though we hadn’t had much snow this season at all- which I’m happy about 😛

    1. Amy, after the snow started (around 9am) it hasn’t stopped – we are over a foot and it is still coming. The sad thing is with the upcoming temperatures it will be weeks before it melts. I’m with you – UGH!!!
      Thanks for thinking about Dina.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  9. I think we’ve had five school closing this year alone – mostly for sub-zero weather though. My daughters college in Chicago? Never closed once!

    Sorry about Dina’s Mom – sending virtual hugs!
    Biz recently posted…Leftover Beef ChiliMy Profile

    1. Biz, this is just our 2nd but now they have closed for tomorrow so that will be 3. I think that is usually about all that is factored in so any more mean make-up days.
      Thanks for thinking about Dina and her family.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  10. No snow day s here – ever! When I was younger I used to think we should get days off that were over 100F. We never did. These days all the classrooms are air-conditioned so the kids never feel that awful, sweat-trickling-down-the-legs heat that we had to endure.
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  11. Oh man that is frustrating! Texas is terrible about it. I have a lot of teacher friends who are so sad that their summer will be dragging out and is interfering with weddings, vacations, etc. They should definitely wait until it happens to make the call if at all possible

    1. Ashlee, it ended up being a good call after all – it started snowing around 9am and hasn’t stopped yet. We are over a foot and still falling. Tomorrow is another snow day. It is frustrating when snow day is wasted – I used to teach in Colleyville (close to Grapevine) and I don’t think we ever had a snow day but I know in years since they have!
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Tara, I agree – hard when you have to make other arrangements for your kids. My boys are old enough now that it doesn’t matter and I was fortunate when they were young because I worked at their school so if they had a snow day, I did, too.
      Thanks for thinking about Dina.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  12. That move did look tough Kim!

    After what happened in ATL last week, I am super grateful our Bibb county school system aired on the side of caution and closed. Children were spending the night in the schools there bc they couldn’t get home and some parents couldn’t even get to the schools to stay with the children. My heart was broken!

    There is no way in the future if I have children that I will send mine when there is a warning like we had last week. I could care less what the school superintendent decides!
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  13. Do you know what would happen if I tried to do those push ups? My face would hit the chair every time. I can’t imagine the strength and balance that must take! And it is probably really good for your core too, right?

    We are supposed to get around 12 inches of snow tomorrow. Our district isn’t cancelled yet, but all of the neighboring towns are. It is only a matter of time, but I don’t think the snow is supposed to start until around 3:00 am.
    NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner recently posted…10 Super Powers I Wish I HadMy Profile

    1. NJ, I’m just lucky that my face didn’t hit the chair – that is part of why I switched to my knees at the halfway point. And, yes, it is good for the core!!
      Chris just came in from snow blowing our driveway and said we are over a foot now and it is still coming down – we are cancelled again for tomorrow.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  14. I’d say I’d rather they wait and see…but…it’s nice to know that school is already closed for tomorrow. Not nice that it’s happening, but nice that we won’t be mad-dashing around waiting to find out. It’s preschool so we get no phone call! Good old Facebook and the public school website!
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  15. Nothing is ever closed here. In PA when I was a kid it was really rare we knew the night before snow would come that school would be cancelled. And usually we had a one or two hour delay and then they would cancel school at the last minute. It was annoying! But yes, I agree that they should cancel on the actual weather and not forecasts!
    Amy recently posted…What to do When You Forget….My Profile

    1. Amy, when I was growing up we occasionally had the delay thing. Our district here never does delay or cancels after school has started – it’s pretty much all or none.
      It turned out that they did make the right call for today. The snow started around 9am and hasn’t stopped yet – we are over a foot right now with more falling. No school tomorrow either!!
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  16. They cancelled school here to. Lucas said he got the text at 3:00 am but I woke him up because there wasn’t anything on the news and there was nothing going on outside. Of course, I did a double check and no school. And none tomorrow. I’m not even sure that ours is as bad as yours yet. Yes, a huge over reaction. This is now 9 days of school missed this year. Just wrong!

    Dina and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Carla recently posted…Weight Loss Surgery: A First Hand AccountMy Profile

    1. Carla, the cancellation ended up being a good choice here. The snow started around 9 and hasn’t stopped yet – Chris just came in from snow blowing the driveway and said we are over a foot already. School has been cancelled for tomorrow, too.
      Thanks for thinking about Dina.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

    1. Davida, the buses are a big factor here, too. And, as it turned out they made a good choice today. After the snow started this morning it has not stopped – we are currently over a foot. No school again tomorrow.
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  17. First of all, I’m so sorry for Dina. I will keep her in my thoughts.

    I am torn on the prediction v. actuality thing because sometimes I think its safer to cancel based on predictions (like when Hurricane Sandy hit–that was bad!) but other times I think you are right that it is an overreaction. I guess better safe than sorry!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Challenge Check-in & Life LatelyMy Profile

    1. Britt, thanks for thinking about Dina!!
      As it turned out, the cancellation was a good call. It started snowing around 9 this morning and hasn’t stopped yet – over a foot already. Snow is cancelled again tomorrow!!
      Kim recently posted…A Slight OverreactionMy Profile

  18. I would always be safe than sorry – Atlanta was a total mess last Tuesday/Wednesday when we got like 2 inches of snow – children stranded in schools overnight, school busses stranded on the roads – people on highways for 22+ hours – totally cray cray!
    You are one busy workout lady! I haven’t heard of “Michelle Bridges” before – need to do some googling…
    Shashi @ RunninSrilankan recently posted…Chocolate-Dipped, Strawberry, Cinnamon & Chocolate Chip SconesMy Profile

    1. Shashi, I heard about the Atlanta schools (and I think some in Alabama, too) last week – scary for sure!! And, as it turned out, yesterday it was a good call to cancel school – it would have been dangerous to have buses out and high school kids….
      I heard of Michelle Bridges through other blogs so I was excited to win the program.
      Kim recently posted…Snow Days – Productive or Play?My Profile

    1. Lanaya, I’m pretty sure if I tried those clapping push-ups in the shower I would bust my face – wet and that move would be a bad plan for me!!!
      I will take all the warmth you want to send – today with over a foot of snow on the ground we got almost to 10 degrees!!!
      Kim recently posted…Snow Days – Productive or Play?My Profile

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