Are you Scared of the Dentist?

Today’s 43 came from Nellie over at Brooklyn Active Mama.  She always does a Wednesday move and comes up with some really fun exercises. Anytime she features one that I haven’t tried yet, I lfeel the need to turn it into  a daily 43.  Yesterday, Nellie featured  a Pilates Plank that I decided would be fun!

Start in plank position.  Lift one leg and rock back a little while pointing and flexing your foot.  Return to start, lift other leg and repeat = 1 rep.  

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This was a fun new way to get in a nice long plank and add a little additional core work. Plus – there was a bit of a  mental challenge because I had to focus on lifting,  rocking, pointing and flexing!!!

I pulled out my original Combat DVD – part of Les Mills Pump and did it this morning.  This was the workout that got me hooked on Combat to begin with and I still enjoy it!!!  45 minutes of punching and kicking – always a great way to start the day!!!

Today’s boot camp was fun!!!  We did an ABC workout – an exercise for each letter of the alphabet!!  Hunter helped me come up with some creative ideas for X & Y!!!  I will post the workout on the Boot Camp page later this week or over the weekend!  (I know that y’all are all dying to see it and give it a try!!!)

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 8.40.53 AM


Dentists – so many people dread going to see the dentist!!!  For normal check-ups I don’t mind and neither do my boys.  However, some of the other dental work can be a little scary!!!Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 8.41.11 AMHunter has a permanent tooth (I think it is one of his incisors) that  is sideways in his gums.  It’s sort-of cool to see on the X-rays but I don’t have any of those pictures.Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 8.47.19 AMWhen he had his braces put on (January of this year), one of the goals was to create space for the impacted tooth and then to go in surgically and bring it down.  

DSCN1352You can sort-of see the hole in his mouth where they have made space (he was not in the picture taking mood this morning!!!).  

Well – today is the day!!!  Poor Hunter is nervous – good thing he only has another hour before it is time to get it done!!  They are just going to numb his mouth so that he doesn’t have to be put to sleep and then go in and cut the gum, attach a tiny chain to the tooth and bring it down.  (Making me cringe just to type this!!!)  No wonder he is cranky – he’s freaking out about having a knife in his mouth!!

I told him to keep his eyes closed the entire time so that he never sees any of the tools.  (I’ve had 4 gum grafts and I always do that!!!)  He is also planning to take his phone and listen to  music so that should help distract him.

The only thing that is making him feel a tiny bit better right now is the fact that when it is over he gets to spend the next few days doing his favorite activity – Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 9.00.45 AM


He has to take it easy for a few days so that means he will get to spend more time than I usually allow playing his favorite game and watching movies/TV!!!  I think that he is looking forward to that but he is still pretty nervous and anxious.  Poor guy!!

Do you dread dentist visits?  Have you ever had any oral surgery that you were awake  while they did it?


Happy Thursday!!


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