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I am a 44 year old wife, mom and athlete. I started running in high school and have loved it ever since. As I got older, I had to stop running every day so I added in weight training and all sorts of fun work-outs like Insanity, P90X and Turbo Fire. I'm a certified personal trainer and I love all aspects of fitness.

Balancing Act

The 43 of the day is a strength move but because it is done on the BOSU ball it also works the core – Bonus!!! If you have never seen a BOSU ball before, it looks like this:



These can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon and pretty much any sporting goods store. They are about $100.  There are many exercises that can be performed using one of these!




The 43 was a simple squat (using the BOSU really took it up a notch).  Put both feet in the center of the BOSU and squat with all of your weight in your heels.  Hold the squat at the bottom and squeeze your  butt on the way up.  I decided to mix it up some and asked Hunter if he would mind demonstrating today – he was happy to help!

Hunter showing how hard it is to squat on BOSU

After the 43 squats I decided to try a real run.  (It has been 6 weeks since I have run hard due to hip pain). I ran 4 miles in 25:36 and then did an easy mile for a total of 5 miles in 38:00.  Sadly, my hip hurt the entire time.  Good news – today is the day I finally saw my orthopedic surgeon.  He suggested not running for a bit – we will wait on the MRI results to make a final decision on that!

Off to watch Jordan run a cross country meet.


Biceps are Burning!

Since I did a tricep 43 on Saturday, I thought I would do a bicep 43 today.  This one was a challenge!

  1. Start holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Curl both arms half-way up (to 90 degrees).
  3. Open arms out to sides (try to keep elbows close to body still).
  4. Curl the rest of the way up then back down to 90 degrees.
  5. Bring arms back to center and lower down.
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I used 10 pound dumbbells for this because I wanted to push myself. If I had to do even 1 more I think I would have needed to drop down to 8 pounds.


After that I did Jillian Michaels 6 Weeks to Six-Pack Abs.  I always get a good work-out when I do one of Jillian’s programs!

Have a great week!



Hill Intervals

Today I needed to get in a good work-out and I decided to let my 43 be the work-out.  I did a continuous movement (even the recovery is still in motion) interval work-out using my treadmill.  I’m fortunate that my treadmill can go up to a 30% incline grade!!

30% incline

I set my speed at 4.5 mph (13:20 minutes/mile) and kept that speed through-out.  I started at 3% incline and used that incline as my recovery.  I did 1 recovery minute and then 1 minute with a 30% incline until I had done 43 at the max incline.  (I actually went just past the 86 minutes so that I could do 6.5 miles during the interval training – 86:19).  I walked slowly with no incline until I finished 7 miles.

This work-out got my heart rate up and kept it up almost the entire time.  It was AWESOME!!!

Walking with 30% incline

I’m off to finish my week-end chores!


Short & Sweet

Today was a continuation of yesterday’s garage sale.  2 long days – but it is so great to declutter my house and make some cash!

I still wanted to do a 43 so I made it easy.  I used one of our patio chairs and did  43 dips to work my triceps.  I think that is the most I have ever done without any breaks!! I’m sure my triceps will let me know tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Garage Lunges

Today I am doing a garage sale.  It is a ton of work and will keep me busy all day.

I still wanted to get my 43 in so I took advantage of some down time and did walking lunges.  I did 5 slow lunges to count as 1 so all total I did 215 slow, walking lunges!!! Lugging stuff around all day and the lunges will count as a good day of working-out!

Almost the weekend!