Today’s 43 was great because it worked my entire body!!!  The move includes a knee lift, lunge, plank and a big step.

Start by standing on your left foot and lift your right knee – lunge back with your right leg and place both hands on the ground – step your left foot back so that you are in plank – bring left foot back in between hands – stand lifting your right knee = 1 rep.

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I think the balance part was the hardest part of this move!!  After completing the first set of 43, I had to switch legs and do another set!!!

I pulled out a DVD that I don’t do often but it is a great workout – Reebok Boot Camp.  This workout is made up of a warm-up, 4 full-body boot camp style workouts, an  ab section and a cool down to give a pretty solid hour workout.  I like it because it includes some of everything – toning, core and cardio.

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 6.53.36 AMEver feel like you are on autopilot?  I do!!!  Saturday when I got in my car to drive home from Texas, I feel like I flipped a switch to autopilot 

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 6.53.17 AMand now I can’t figure out how to disengage!!!

All day yesterday, I felt like I was just going through the motions – workout? check, blog? check, meals? check, tutor? check.

At the beginning of this year (2013) I said that my main goal for the year was to live in the moment and enjoy every minute.  Well, to do that I have to figure out how to turn the autopilot switch off again!!!

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 6.57.18 AM

I look around at the huge amount of things I need to get done today and this week and think that I need to start by making some lists and prioritizing.  

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 7.02.22 AM

#1  I think that I will get dinner going in the crock pot so I don’t have to think about it all day!!!Crock Pot#2  And, maybe if I sneak over to the swim beach for an hour or so, I can relax a little and come back focused and ready to tackle everything!!!

focusing and taking control!
focusing and taking control!

Yep – I think that the only way to get back on track is to spend a little time in the sun!!!  After that I can move on to #3, #4……

Ever get stuck on autopilot?  What do you do to get back in control?


 Happy Monday!!


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