Back to Reality!

This morning when my alarm started screaming a little after 5 – all I could think about were the words to this song.

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I, however, was not dancing around like Will!  (Cannot lie – I always liked Will Smith in The Fresh Prince!)

So, I jumped out of bed rolled slowly out of bed, and got on with my daily 43.  Today I used my kettlebell again – love it!!!  The sequence for 1 rep:

  • right knee lift with KB pass under
  • left knee lift with KB pass under
  • right lunge with KB pass under
  • left lunge with KB pass under

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Hunter helped me out with the demo yesterday afternoon.  We took a couple of plates out for him.  This morning I did all 43 reps with the 20 pound kettlebell and I tried to lift my knees to chest height and go into a deep 90 degree lunge – I was sweating for sure!!!  What I really love is the number of muscles that I could feel working – legs, butt, core and arms.

Today was day 9 of the 12 Days of Fitness.   (I sort-of have to sing the song to remember how many of each exercise, especially when I’m doing this at 5am!!)  Today we added in lateral lunges (I used 25 pound dumbbells for this move.)

For the rest of my work-out, I pulled out an old classic – TaeBo!  I did the Ab Bootcamp DVD from Billy’s Bootcamp series.  It is 35 minutes of solid core work and I’m sure that tomorrow I will remember the work-out!!!

Gotta get moving – boys back to school today and I’m back to my long-term library gig!  First though, Hunter has an 8:00am orthodontist appointment – who scheduled this thing?!?!



Everyone has to face reality after the joy of Christmas break – so let’s do this!!!

Plus, you know what today is, right?Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday (or Thirsty Thursday if you like!)!!!


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