Balancing Act

The 43 of the day is a strength move but because it is done on the BOSU ball it also works the core – Bonus!!! If you have never seen a BOSU ball before, it looks like this:



These can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon and pretty much any sporting goods store. They are about $100.  There are many exercises that can be performed using one of these!




The 43 was a simple squat (using the BOSU really took it up a notch).  Put both feet in the center of the BOSU and squat with all of your weight in your heels.  Hold the squat at the bottom and squeeze your  butt on the way up.  I decided to mix it up some and asked Hunter if he would mind demonstrating today – he was happy to help!

Hunter showing how hard it is to squat on BOSU

After the 43 squats I decided to try a real run.  (It has been 6 weeks since I have run hard due to hip pain). I ran 4 miles in 25:36 and then did an easy mile for a total of 5 miles in 38:00.  Sadly, my hip hurt the entire time.  Good news – today is the day I finally saw my orthopedic surgeon.  He suggested not running for a bit – we will wait on the MRI results to make a final decision on that!

Off to watch Jordan run a cross country meet.


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