Being Fancy and a Much Needed Lazy Day

Today I did a fun 44.  A little balance work and a little hopping – perfect.  I did a single leg dead lift (slowly) then brought my knee in and hopped before repeating.

And, after I did 44 with my right leg I switched and did another set of 44 with my left leg.

Last night Chris and I did something that we don’t do very often – we got all Fancy for the Dining Out (military “prom.”).

ready to go
ready to go
my shoes make me taller than Chris!!
my shoes make me taller than Chris!!

Chris & KimIt was fun to get dressed up but I’m glad we don’t do it every day!!!  Chris’ mess dress (what he’s wearing) is actually the same one he wore when we got married almost 18 years ago!

our table
our table

It was a fun night!  We didn’t stay out late because of the nasty weather that had been predicted.  Thankfully even though the roads were slick when we came home, we got home before the heavier stuff came down.  

We didn’t get the 6+ inches of snow that was forecast but we got lots of ice – we could hear the ice pellets hitting the deck and house for a long time last night.  I’m sure it is super slick out now since it is only 3 degrees.

The good news about the weather – yesterday at drill (besides working at the base full time, one weekend a month, Chris has drill), they decided to cancel for today!!!  And, Hunter’s special cello practice for today has been rescheduled so today turned into a completely open day.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.15.52 AMI’m so excited that we got this “bonus” lazy day – we all needed it.  Chris and I didn’t even get up till after 8:00 – that hasn’t happened in months!!!  And my plans for the day are pretty minimal!!  I think I will make a big pot of soup or chili for dinner and then a whole lot of nothing!!!

The perfect lazy day – no need to leave the house for anything and my whole family is safe inside with me – true bliss!!!

Happy Sunday!!!


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