Breast Cancer Walk Today!!!

I’ll post the 43 in a minute but first I wanted to say how excited I am for the Breast Cancer Walk later today.  Our team, Boobz and Doodz, has raised some money to help support Breast Cancer research and now we are looking forward to walking the 5K together for a great cause!!!  WooHoo!!!!

OK – the 43 saw the return of my BOSU ball.  This thing has so many uses!


Today, I used it for some cardio.  Start standing behind the BOSU. Step up with right foot then left foot. Step right foot off the right side, then left foot off left side.  Step back up with right then left foot and jump up with both feet landing in the center of the BOSU. Step off the back with first right foot then left foot.  Repeat to your goal – 43 for me!

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It is a little harder then it looks just because you have the balance issue which is super great for working your core!

Enjoy your Sunday!  I know I will with the Boobz and Doodz team!


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