Can You Tell a Joke?

I had a different plan for today’s post (some fun Liebster questions!!) but we spent most of the weekend cleaning the hoarder’s apartment. Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.00.39 PMThe weekend wasn’t quite as relaxing as some – I usually try to get caught up and maybe even a little ahead on blog stuff but not this weekend.

Anyway, today I decided to share one of my favorite jokes ever.  Just to let you know, I’m awful at telling jokes – mostly because I usually forget the punch line right in the middle of the delivery.

But this joke is one that I heard almost 10 years ago and still love it!!!  I even made the boys laugh the other night at dinner when I told them this joke.

Kim’s one and only joke:

2 brothers (approx.  ages 4 & 6) were talking.  The older brother tells his little brother, “I think it’s time that we learn some swear words.”

The little brother readily agrees!

Big brother:  when we go down to breakfast I’m going to use the words “hell” and “damn” and you say the word “ass.”

OK – little brother is super excited!

The boys go down to breakfast and their mom greets them – “What would you boys like for breakfast today.”

Big brother:  Aw, hell, give me some damn Cheerios!!

Mom spanks big brother and sends him to his room.  Then she turns to little brother and says, “And what do you want for breakfast?”

Little brother with a quiver in his voice:  “I don’t know but you can bet your fat ass it won’t be Cheerios!!!”

the boys were about this age when I heard the joke first!
the boys were about this age when I heard the joke first!

Every time I heard or told that joke I pictured my sweet little boys and for some reason that just made it funnier (to me)!!!

Can you tell a joke?
What is your favorite joke?

Happy Monday!



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