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Physical Education

Another day, another 43!!!  Today was a short one.  :Happy:

I stood in a T position (arms extended out to sides)

Hunter – arms extended for bicep curls

(Hunter still can’t fully extend his left arm – after breaking his wrist in July.) and then did bicep curls like this:

Hunter – Nice Biceps!!

I used 8 pound dumbbells and the last 4-5 were a struggle for sure!!!  Happy I made it to 43!!!

I didn’t have a lot of time to work-out so I just ran a quick 5 miles (29:19) and did 1.25 miles at a nice easy pace to recover.

Today and tomorrow I get to spend my day in the gym teaching PE!!!!  I am sooo excited!!  Way, way back I started my college career as a PE major before I switched to being a Chemistry/Biology major with a PE minor.  I taught science (at the middle school level) BC but I also was a coach for years.  I’m looking forward to spending 2 whole days in the gym with my whistle!!!!

Have a great Thursday!!


What Was I Thinking?!

Sometime when I pick the 43 for the day I don’t really think it through very well and I misjudge how HARD it is going to be!!!  Today was a prime example!

The 43 was a wall sit (which would have been plenty by itself!!!) with a bicep curl to a shoulder press. Why?????  To use one of Hunter’s sayings – I’m a “dunderhead.”  (I don’t have any idea what that means but it cracks me up when he says it!!!)

Wall Sit – Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

I started out with 10 pound dumbbells in each hand.  After the first 23 I decided to lower to 8 pounds.  So, instead of doing 43 straight through, I did 23, quick change of weights, then 20 more.  My legs were on fire!!!  It was awesome!

Wall Sit – Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
Wall Sit – Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

After the torture challenge, I decided to break the rules a little and run because RUNNERS RUN!!!

I ran 4 miles in 24:20 and then did 2.5 at a much easier pace with a steep incline.  I figure if I don’t run too many miles then it doesn’t really count!

Gotta get going – full day of errands to catch up after subbing all week!

Have a super Wednesday!!!



Biceps are Burning!

Since I did a tricep 43 on Saturday, I thought I would do a bicep 43 today.  This one was a challenge!

  1. Start holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Curl both arms half-way up (to 90 degrees).
  3. Open arms out to sides (try to keep elbows close to body still).
  4. Curl the rest of the way up then back down to 90 degrees.
  5. Bring arms back to center and lower down.
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I used 10 pound dumbbells for this because I wanted to push myself. If I had to do even 1 more I think I would have needed to drop down to 8 pounds.


After that I did Jillian Michaels 6 Weeks to Six-Pack Abs.  I always get a good work-out when I do one of Jillian’s programs!

Have a great week!