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Good News – Bad News

I did another 43 today – I know – Big Shock!!  Today I brought out one of my favorite pieces of equipment:


For the 43 I did an opposite arm and leg extension with a 5 second hold while balancing on the BOSU.

Balance and Hold
Get that leg higher!!

I counted a right arm/left leg and a left arm/right leg as 1 rep.  The 5 second hold added a bit of difficulty!!!  43 success!

Yesterday was one of those days that I would rather not repeat!!!

Good News:  I finally met with the specialist (Doctor #3 now) about my hip yesterday morning.  I do NOT have a tumor in my hip like my orthopedic surgeon (Doctor #2) told me I might the last time I saw him (6.5 long weeks ago)!!!

Bad News:  I definitely have a stress fracture (and have had it for close to 4 months now – making it worse every day). I have to be on crutches (no weight at all on my hip) for 8 weeks!!!  Ummm…What?!  Not really possible.

I tried to negotiate with the Doc:

Let’s Talk About This a Little More!
  • Me:  I ran this morning – why do I need to be on crutches? (I’m used to limping these days.)
  • Doc:  You have continued to do extra damage to that hip and if you don’t stop it will crack all the way through which means surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  I won’t run but no crutches.
  • Doc: Surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  I won’t run, I’ll use the crutches some, but I can still do other work-outs.
  • Doc:  Surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  Hmmm…well, some work-outs (even if I have to modify).
  • Doc:  You have to be completely non-weight bearing for the next 8 weeks and hopefully then you can avoid surgery and be able to run again.

So, after being awake half the night thinking about what to do and doing a little on-line research this morning around 3 am, here I am:

Epitome of suckiness!!!

I’m going to try and follow the rules (except on the stairs – cause I’m pretty sure that me with crutches on the stairs would be dangerous!!) but I’m still going to try to work-out some.  Cardio is pretty much out (I don’t swim for exercise!!!).

I’m still planning to do a 43 every day – they just might be sort-of lame some days!!  Lots of upper body and core work!

Happy Tuesday! (I hope it is a better day than Monday was!)





Because I had so much fun with my BOSU yesterday, I decided to use it again today for my 43!!! This time I tried balancing my butt on it – for boat pose.  First I looked like this

Trying to get it!

But after a couple more picture attempts I ended up like this

Boat Pose!!

(I don’t know why my eyes were closed in all of the pictures today – concentrating I guess.)

After I finally figured out how to balance on the BOSU, I did 43 boat poses (30 seconds each).  I thought this would be a great core exercise (and it was) but I also really felt this a lot in my hip flexors and  quads!  It ended up being a challenge and one of those days that I was very happy to say 43! (I usually count out loud so I don’t lose count – Hunter loves it since he is usually trying to read before school!!!)

I decided that I really wanted to run again today.  I figure if my hip hurts when I don’t run very much, it can’t be that much worse when I do run!!!

9 miles in 56:35 (1.5 incline)  + 2.75 miles at an easier pace with an incline up to 30%

So….over the weekend, Chris had a little crick or something in his neck and I might have made just a little bit of fun of him.  (You know – laughing because he had to turn  his whole body to look at me at the dinner table or something.)  Well, this morning I got up and for some reason my neck is all gimpy – KARMA!!!! Sorry for laughing, Chris!!

Time to get the elementary school newsletter done again!

Have a super Monday!!!!


BOSU and Balance – Hmmm….

I thought I knew what I was going to do for my 43 today but then this happened:

Balancing (or not)

I took off the band and tried again.


Great –  if I were going for the  uncoordinated ballerina look!!!  So, I finally got my 43 done (the best I could).  It was just a “simple” side-leg abduction while balancing on the BOSU.  I think the balancing was what did me in!!!  I did manage to lift my leg, hold it a second then  squeeze my butt as I lowered it 43 times and then switch sides for 43 more but it was not even remotely pretty!

As Good as it Gets

At least the rest of my work-out wasn’t so goofy!  I did Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2.  (biceps, triceps and back).  It was hard today because my triceps were sore from yesterday’s side-moving push-ups! Love that sore feeling!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!



Breast Cancer Walk Today!!!

I’ll post the 43 in a minute but first I wanted to say how excited I am for the Breast Cancer Walk later today.  Our team, Boobz and Doodz, has raised some money to help support Breast Cancer research and now we are looking forward to walking the 5K together for a great cause!!!  WooHoo!!!!

OK – the 43 saw the return of my BOSU ball.  This thing has so many uses!


Today, I used it for some cardio.  Start standing behind the BOSU. Step up with right foot then left foot. Step right foot off the right side, then left foot off left side.  Step back up with right then left foot and jump up with both feet landing in the center of the BOSU. Step off the back with first right foot then left foot.  Repeat to your goal – 43 for me!

[youtuber youtube=’′]

It is a little harder then it looks just because you have the balance issue which is super great for working your core!

Enjoy your Sunday!  I know I will with the Boobz and Doodz team!


Balancing Act

The 43 of the day is a strength move but because it is done on the BOSU ball it also works the core – Bonus!!! If you have never seen a BOSU ball before, it looks like this:



These can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon and pretty much any sporting goods store. They are about $100.  There are many exercises that can be performed using one of these!




The 43 was a simple squat (using the BOSU really took it up a notch).  Put both feet in the center of the BOSU and squat with all of your weight in your heels.  Hold the squat at the bottom and squeeze your  butt on the way up.  I decided to mix it up some and asked Hunter if he would mind demonstrating today – he was happy to help!

Hunter showing how hard it is to squat on BOSU

After the 43 squats I decided to try a real run.  (It has been 6 weeks since I have run hard due to hip pain). I ran 4 miles in 25:36 and then did an easy mile for a total of 5 miles in 38:00.  Sadly, my hip hurt the entire time.  Good news – today is the day I finally saw my orthopedic surgeon.  He suggested not running for a bit – we will wait on the MRI results to make a final decision on that!

Off to watch Jordan run a cross country meet.