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Butt Burner in the Basement

The early morning 43 + work-out really isn’t my favorite until it’s done!  I love the fact that it is 7:00 and I have already worked out hard and gotten ready for my day!!!

Today I did a complete butt burner for my 43.  Start in tabletop position (all 4s) and lift right knee to side.  Push right foot straight back then bring extended leg around to side.  Bend knee back to first position and lower.  Confused? Check out the cool video!!  😉

[youtuber youtube=’′]

I did 43 on my right side and then switched and did 43 on the left side.  The 2nd side was much harder – I guess because that half of my butt had already supported all of my weight during the first set!!!

After I set my butt on fire, I did my work-out.  Today I started the Push Circuit part of Chalean Extreme (Beach Body).  I’m excited to see how much I can increase my strength this time through the program!!!

Another day that I get to spend in the gym with the kids!!!  This PE subbing is a pretty good gig – I get to wear work-out stuff and tennis shoes all day!

Happy Fun Friday!!!


What Was I Thinking?!

Sometime when I pick the 43 for the day I don’t really think it through very well and I misjudge how HARD it is going to be!!!  Today was a prime example!

The 43 was a wall sit (which would have been plenty by itself!!!) with a bicep curl to a shoulder press. Why?????  To use one of Hunter’s sayings – I’m a “dunderhead.”  (I don’t have any idea what that means but it cracks me up when he says it!!!)

Wall Sit – Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

I started out with 10 pound dumbbells in each hand.  After the first 23 I decided to lower to 8 pounds.  So, instead of doing 43 straight through, I did 23, quick change of weights, then 20 more.  My legs were on fire!!!  It was awesome!

Wall Sit – Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
Wall Sit – Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

After the torture challenge, I decided to break the rules a little and run because RUNNERS RUN!!!

I ran 4 miles in 24:20 and then did 2.5 at a much easier pace with a steep incline.  I figure if I don’t run too many miles then it doesn’t really count!

Gotta get going – full day of errands to catch up after subbing all week!

Have a super Wednesday!!!



Make it Harder!!!

Today the initial part of the 43 was fairly easy – a squat off a step.  However, I wanted to make it more challenging so I held an 8 pound medicine ball over my head the entire time. After 86 squats (43 per side), the place I felt it the most was my triceps and they were on FIRE!!!

The move was to start with both feet on a step.  Lower the right foot off the step and squat.  Step back up with right foot and lower left foot.  Squat on the left and return to start for 1 rep.  Repeat for your desired goal – 43 for me – keeping arms extended straight overhead with a medicine ball, dumbbell or even no weight the entire time.

[youtuber youtube=’′]

I wanted to get back into a better weight lifting routine so I started Chalean Extreme     back up .  I did Burn Circuit 1 and I’m sure that I will feel every rep tomorrow!! After that I decided to get in a quick cardio session so I did Turbo Jam – Cardio Party 2.  I love days that I have a time for a little extra training!

Have a great Wednesday!

Kim :Aerobics:

43 In The Car


I am on my way to Texas for a weekend of shopping with my sister.  But, I still wanted to do a 43.  I got in some toning work by tightening my butt and stomach muscles and holding them.  As I drove through Kansas, I used the mile markers as my reference.  I tightened the muscles and held for a mile, then released for a mile until I reached my 43.

I am not typing as I drive, I am dictating to my wonderful husband Chris.

See ya in Texas!


Work Those Hamstrings!

The 43 today is one of my favorite moves! I LOVE dead-lifts!!  Plus, I added in a row so it was a nice combo move to work hamstrings, butt, and back muscles.

I started standing up straight with 15 pound dumbbells in each hand.  Hinge from the waist and, without rounding your back, lower down.  Come up about halfway and perform row – really squeeze shoulder blades together when you draw your elbows in. Lower arms and slowly lift body back to upright, squeezing butt as you come up.

[youtuber youtube=’’]


For the rest of my work-out I did Les Mills Pump – Combat DVD.  One of my very favorite work-outs when I only have about 45 minutes.  I also did 2 quick 10 minute walks with a friend.

Now I have to get busy on the newsletter for Hunter’s school.  It has to go home tomorrow and I haven’t started – I still have 12+ hours, plenty of time!!!

Kim  :Aerobics: