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Kickin’ it Texas Style

Happy Sunday! A quick post (no pictures – doing this from my phone today) and then off to a day of shopping in the rain.

For my 43 today I wanted something I could do in a small amount of space yet still get my heart rate up. I did a front kick to a lunge. I started with my left leg stationary, knee slightly bent. Do a front kick with right leg and at the same time punch forward with left arm. Immediately pull right leg back into lunge position and touch floor with left hand. Continue moving quickly to goal – 43!! Repeat with left leg.

Time to get ready and head to Canton!


Garage Lunges

Today I am doing a garage sale.  It is a ton of work and will keep me busy all day.

I still wanted to get my 43 in so I took advantage of some down time and did walking lunges.  I did 5 slow lunges to count as 1 so all total I did 215 slow, walking lunges!!! Lugging stuff around all day and the lunges will count as a good day of working-out!

Almost the weekend!