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Short & Sweet

Today was a continuation of yesterday’s garage sale.  2 long days – but it is so great to declutter my house and make some cash!

I still wanted to do a 43 so I made it easy.  I used one of our patio chairs and did  43 dips to work my triceps.  I think that is the most I have ever done without any breaks!! I’m sure my triceps will let me know tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Garage Lunges

Today I am doing a garage sale.  It is a ton of work and will keep me busy all day.

I still wanted to get my 43 in so I took advantage of some down time and did walking lunges.  I did 5 slow lunges to count as 1 so all total I did 215 slow, walking lunges!!! Lugging stuff around all day and the lunges will count as a good day of working-out!

Almost the weekend!


Use What You Have

Today I have a lot to get done so I decided to make my 43 a complete work-out.  (I did add in 2 10 minute speed walks with a friend for fun.)

I decided to use my stairs as a work-out!!

Entry way stairs

I went up the stairs 43 times, skipping every other step and then went down using every step.  I felt it in my quads and glutes and also got my heart rate up!!

I haven’t posted any times but I thought it might be fun share them  on work-outs like this.  Then, if any of y’all are doing your own  43 you could share your times as well.

On to the rest of the day!!


Mission Complete!!

Today’s 43 was a fun one.  I did a modified version of a single-arm clean and press.

The single arm clean and press is a whole body exercise focusing on the lower body, the core and the shoulders. By doing this move one arm at a time, the core has to work extra hard to keep your body balanced and the combination of movements really gets your heart rate up.

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a weight (I used a 10 pound dumbbell) in the right hand.
  2. Squat down touching the weight the the floor and keeping the back straight, abs in and the knees behind the toes.
  3. Push back up, pulling the weight up into a single arm row.
  4. In a smooth movement, flip the elbow down and the weight up and press the weight overhead.

Because I’m still trying to take it a little easy on my lower body, I took out the squat (thus the modified version).  I did 43 reps with my right arm and then immediately did 43 with my left arm.  I think I might feel this in my shoulders tomorrow.

After my 43, I decided that a light jog would work out the last of the soreness in my legs.  I’m happy to say that even though it is a couple days late, I finished my 43 miles!!! I did an easy 5.5 today and felt good doing it.

Looking forward to the next 43!


Roller Recovery

Today had to be recovery of some sort after the high mileage run/walk.  If you have never tried foam rolling, I highly recommend it.  My first experience with it came last year when I did P90X2.  On the Recovery and Mobility day Tony Horton shows you how to spend plenty of time using the foam roller to work out the kinks.  There are lots of options when choosing foam rollers.  Here are a few:

My foam rollers


If you are interested in finding a foam roller, I have seen them at Wal-Mart, Dick’s, Best Buy and Amazon.  They start at $15 and go up from there. The one with the ridges will really get deep into your muscles!!


43 of the day:  Crunches with foam roller behind lower back.  Nothing fancy – just a basic crunch but the foam roller really changes the feeling of the crunch.

Today I did a second  43.  I spent 43 minutes using my foam roller to stretch and recover.  The nice thing with the foam roller is you can use it to roll out stiffness or you can just hold it on a spot where you really feel it.  I spent 30 of the minutes really focusing on my calves, quads, hams and hip flexors and it hurt but in a good way!

left thigh – trying to ease the stiffness and pain


An advantage of a recovery day spent foam rolling – no need to wear tennis shoes so my blisters can heal!




Happy Monday!