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Burpees, Burpees, Burpees 3/23-3/29

I usually mix up my 44s from one day to the next but this week I decided to make it all about the burpee!!  (I don’t know what I was thinking!!!)

Sunday 3/23 – 44 side burpees.  First off, this one was actually 88 total burpees – crazy!!!  Instead of jumping back, I jumped out to the side – push-up – jumped back in then repeated to the other side and counted that as 1 rep.

You can tell in the video that the side push-up is just a bit different – my hands are more staggered and I sort of went down to one side each time.  This was NOT easy!!!  It took me around 10 minutes to finish all my reps because I had to have some breaks!!!

Monday 3/24 – 44 dead man burpees.  This one is sort of fun but my chest was sore for days after this.  When you go back, lay down on the ground and extend your arms to the sides – then push up from the ground.

This might have been my favorite move from the week.

I ran today – the plan was to get in at least one 20 mile run but that didn’t happen because my right calf has been giving me problems.  Instead I ran 4 miles and walked another 4.3.

Tuesday 3/25 – 44 sumo burpees.  Probably the “easiest” style of burpees I did all week.  I think being in the sumo position and doing wide push-ups is a little easier!

For the #HappyFitMarch challenge today we were supposed to set a new PR for wall sit.  I decided to make the wall sit extra “fun” and put wobble balls under my feet – 4:01.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 7.33.11 AMI did a DVD that I haven’t in awhile – TaeBo Amped – Rockin’ Abs.  This is about 45 minutes of cardio and it is geared to working your core.  You use the “amplifier” – 

Tae Bo amplifier
Tae Bo amplifier

Using this stick adds all kinds of intensity!

Wednesday 3/2644 decline burpees.  These were HARD!!!!  They might have been my least favorite from the week.  Jumping my feet backwards onto the step was a little scary!!

The push-ups were not easy!

I did my Mash-Up Conditioning DVD that I won from Kim @ BusyBod and did 4 more of the Tempos (3, 4, 5 and 6).  I have done all but Tempo 7 now.  I like the format of the workout and I will like it more each time through.  The first time was a bit of a challenge because you lose a little time trying to figure out what the move is supposed to be.

Thursday 3/27 – 44 medicine ball burpees.  These were the only burpees all week that I took the push-up out!  I did one push-up with my hands on the medicine ball and about busted my face!!!

So, technically, I guess these aren’t true burpees but I’m counting them for this week!!!

I did one of my favorite workouts – Turbo Fire – Fire 60 and Abs 10.  Both of these are great workouts and I always have fun with Chalean and the rest of the Turbo Fire crew.

I also decided to try a run and see how my calf was doing.  I ended up running 10 miles at a nice easy pace (8:30) and then did 1.2 miles cool down.  Thankfully running slower didn’t really aggravate my calf!!!

Friday 3/28 – 44 side plank burpees.  Jump back – side plank – push-up – side plank other side – push-up – jump in and jump up – repeat.

These were nice because they had to be a little slower than a standard burpee in order to get the most out of the side planks.  But, I had to do 88 push-ups to complete all 44 reps!!!

My workout was nice and easy – 2 Pilates DVDs – Fat Burning Pilates and Burn & Firm Pilates.  I don’t do Pilates often but it really is a nice change of pace!

Saturday 3/29 – 44 BOSU squat jump burpees.  For my 7th day of burpees I wanted to do a good one.  I came up with a fun move using my favorite piece of equipment (besides my treadmill, of course) – 


The move was to jump off the BOSU – jump back and do a push-up with hands on the BOSU (this was a challenge for me since it was more of a tricep push-up) – jump in – jump onto BOSU – do a squat jump and stick it – repeat!

Fun times!!!!  

And, I ran today because we were supposed to do a mile for #HappyFitMarch and compare it to the previous Saturdays.  I did a total of 5 miles – 

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 7.48.29 AMMy final mile was 6:12 which isn’t my fastest but I didn’t want to push too hard today because speeding up I could feel my calf pulling again.

Overall, even with my calf not cooperating, it was a great week.  Lots of burpees  – 7 days, 7 different kinds – 352 total burpees!!!!

And, I’m almost to my March goal of 150 miles!!!  2 more days should definitely put me over!!!

What’s your favorite way to burpee?

Happy Saturday!!!




A Sherpa Wife I’m Not

Today I did a single leg power hop with my opposite foot on a stability ball for my 44.  

And, I’m completely aware that I look like a total goof in the video – I had already done 44 reps on each side and that was the 2nd attempt at a video so 20 extra reps!!!! Plus, I’m just not that coordinated!!!  The good news is I still got a major quad burn by the time I was done!!!

I did Cathe – Turbo Barre today.  Yikes!!!  I always forget how challenging that workout is! It is 75 minutes of  high reps – my hips are going to be sore but it’s good with the extra running!!!Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.55.43 AM

If you know Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch you know that she is the epitome of a Sherpa wife!!!   Her husband is a professional triathlete and she does everything in her power to help him and make his life and training as successful as possible.  I admire her in many ways!!

However, I don’t think that I will ever be considered a sherpa of any sort.  I want to be supportive and helpful and do OK right up until someone (like my husband) is sick.  And then it’s an epic fail!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.08.00 AMUmm….yep, this is pretty much my mentality!!!  Rude isn’t it?!  

Especially when you consider the fact that when I’m sick Chris is all about taking care of me!!!Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.05.55 AM

I want to be more compassionate and I try but I always end up reverting back to the “suck it up” thing.  I would like to say that it causes me stress when Chris is sick and that is just how I deal with it but I think what it comes down to is I’m more selfish than I should be.

Maybe I should shadow Lindsay for a day or year or so (cause that’s not creepy at all!!!).

Are you a sherpa?  Does your husband wait on you when you are sick?

Happy Wednesday!!!


PS – after yesterday’s post about clothes and all I thought I would show you a picture of what I wore yesterday to run a ton of errands.  

standard winter attire
standard winter attire – yoga pants and a fleece top

I did wear shoes and not fuzzy socks!!!  Considering that it was about 7 degrees while I was out, I don’t feel at all bad.  And, I was super productive yesterday and made it through my entire “To Do” list!!!

Tornado Tragedy

Today’s 43 was a killer!!!  Taylor at Lifting Revolution did a post a couple weeks ago featuring 30 variations of burpees!!!  I decided to turn some of those burpee variations into my daily 43s since I like pain to challenge myself.

Today I did a burpee with a box jump (43 times – what was I thinking???).

[youtuber youtube=’′]

Disregard the fact that I look like a total dork – and about killed myself jumping on the step!!  Check out Taylor’s site – she makes the move look easy and she actually jumps into a squat on the box!!  (I was lucky to jump up and not fall off!!)

Since yesterday I talked about my lack of motivation these past few days and the overwhelming consensus was to just “suck it up” and do it – that’s what I did today!!!  After the intense 43 I ran!

I ran on the treadmill (still hesitant to hit the streets!!) – 1.5% incline, 6 miles in 40:43.  I felt better after that run about working out than I have in awhile!!!  I went for an easy 2 mile walk with a neighbor for my cool-down!!

Tragedies affect all of us differently.  The devastating tornado in Moore, OK yesterday really hits home with me.  I’ve never lived there but I think the fact that I’ve driven through Moore (on I-35) literally hundreds of times (one of those being less than 2 weeks after the huge tornado in 1999) and the fact that so many children were killed makes this one of those things that strikes a major chord with me!!!

The tornado was about 2 miles wide!  I know last night they had 51 confirmed dead and 20 of those were children!!  Plus all the people they are still searching for!!  And the loss of virtually everything for those who survived is mind boggling.

Moore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornadoMoore tornado

from above
from above
fires on top of tornado
fires on top of tornado
some of the heros!!
some of the heroes!!

Many prayers for all of the people who have been affected by this and other tornados recently!!!


Lessons Learned on my Run Around the Lake

Today for my 43 I did a power move!  Super fun (and hard)!  This past week, Cranky Fitness and Fitknitchick both had posts about the benefits of power moves.  I love power moves but probably don’t do them as often as I should.

So, today I used my 14″ step to do box jumps.  I jumped up onto the step and then

14" double step (the Transfirmer)
14″ double step (the Transfirmer)

stepped off.  I did all 43 quickly so I could get my heart rate up (soaring!!).

[youtuber youtube=’’]

I’m really trying to be smart as I start running again.  I decided that as much as I love my treadmill and running on it, I have a tendency to run too hard on it.Treadmill

I think the reason I never get bored on it is because I constantly play little games with the time and speed.  When I try and just set an easy pace to run – I get BORED.  The other day I decided that much as I hate running outside in the cold, I would try it.

Good news?  I got to go shopping for some winter running gear!!!Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 7.32.28 AM

Had a very successful trip!  Plus, I got an armband for my iPhone 5 so I could have some music!!!  All set!  This morning after my 43 and downing about 32oz of water I headed out.  A quick stretch:

stretching my calves/achillesAgain with the pissed-off look (blame it on the sun in my eyes!)
stretching my calves/achilles
Again with the pissed-off look (blame it on the sun in my eyes!)
here I go...
here I go…

And I’m off.  The route I like around the lake (which I haven’t run since summer – thanks hip!) is just over 5.5 miles.  I started my watch because I’m anal and even when I’m not planning to run hard I have to know my time!  Here are a few of the things I learned today:

  1. HILLS SUCK!!!  (my 1.5 incline is not the same as the hills around the lake!)
  2. My breathing is off (and loud!)
  3. It is hard to sing while running – plus I probably looked and sounded like a complete dork (Oh, well – normal!)
  4. The sand on the streets (from the last snow) is slippery!!!
  5. The sand when going downhill is dangerous!!!  (thankfully no falls – would have been very unhappy to get a rip in my new gear!!!)
  6. I walked 2x for a total of 7 minutes and I’m going to be fine with that today!
  7. I’m an idiot and was running sub-8 minute pace (explains the breathing and walking bit) – I’m supposed to be taking it easy!!!
  8. If I hadn’t stopped and walked when I did the first time, I would have missed this:

    This isn’t actually a picture I took (far too much trouble to get my phone out of the band) but a lady backing out of her driveway stopped and pointed out a bald eagle sitting on the lake!  It was so very awesome!  I wish it would have flown so I could see the wing-span but neat to see it sitting, too!

  9. My little gloves are perfect for the constant running of my nose caused by the cold.
  10. The sweat from running makes you really cold when you finish the run and walk an easy cool-down.
  11. I’m going to continue to run outside (even in the winter) but unlike some of the true die-hard winter runners it has to be at least 32 for me!  (I’m a wimp and totally OK with that!!!)
  12. Over-all I enjoyed my run around the lake this morning (even though I still love my treadmill!!!).

Happy Saturday!!!