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A Little Sideways…

Today is mostly my day off but after doing the 43 for the day I feel like I can say I worked out!!!

The move today was a side moving plank x 4 and then a push-up.  43 of those!!!!  I did have to stop for a quick stretch (child’s pose) about 4 times….BUT…I completed all 43 on my toes!!!

[youtuber youtube=’’]

I really appreciate that Jordan mostly filmed me at an angle so you couldn’t see my gut!!!

Gotta get ready and pile on the Texas gear so I can stay warm while I watch the Longhorns decimate dominate destroy (fine) play the Jayhawks!

Happy Saturday!


Push-Ups and a New Look

I like to do some form of push-ups every week for one of  43s  because I want to build up to the point were I can do LOTS of push-ups!!!

Today I did a basic push-up

Push-up (to T-stand)








to a T-stand (on the T-stand I alternated sides).

T-Stand (from push-up)








I did 43 total push-ups so 22 T-stands on the right side and 21 on the left side.  I kept my push-ups slow to provide extra resistance and then held each T-stand for a 2-count.

After my 43 I wasn’t really motivated to lift weight so I did part of a new work-out. It is one of the 10 Minutes Solution DVDs (which I love!!!) – Ultimate Boot Camp with Jessica Smith.  I did 2 sections:  Fat fighting skills & drills (cardio) and Six pack ab attack.  Then I decided I was ready to hit the weights!! Today started week 3 of Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit.  I’m happy that I got in my weights after all!

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures above but last night was hair night and I decided it was time for a fall look – back to brunette with some red streaks!!!

I’m spending the afternoon volunteering at Hunter’s school and I think this morning I will bake something for the boys.  I’m not really a baker (I love to cook!) but the cloudy, cooler weather just makes it seem like the thing to do (and the house will smell great!!).

Enjoy your Wednesday!!!


Push-Ups and a Modification

So…I had to modify part of my 43 today and that is OK! :Approve:

The 43 was a push-up with one hand on a medicine ball.  After performing one push-up walk hands over so that the opposite hand is on the medicine ball for the next push-up. After the first 30, I had to drop down to my knees in order to still get full range of motion on the push-ups.  I still did 43 and I think modifying in order to keep the integrity of the move was better than just going through the motions!

[youtuber youtube=’’]

As an FYI – I don’t count the reps during the demo as part of my 43 because I like to perform all the reps continuously.  Days like today I wish I counted those reps!!!

Usually I let my rest days be on the weekend but today is a good day to be off! :Happy:

I’m headed to get an MRI on my hip that has bugged me for 2 months now – hopefully it is something easily fixed!  Then I plan to spend the rest of the day with the boys since they are out of school.  (Hard to believe that they have already finished the first quarter of this year!!!)

Have a great fun Friday!


Keep Pushing!

Today was another variation of a push-up for my 43.  There was a time when I couldn’t do even 1 push-up but over time I have built up to 43 (+).

The move today was a walk-out to a push-up.  Start standing with feet together.  Roll down and place hands on floor near feet.  Keep legs straight and walk hands out to plank position.  Perform push-up then walk hands back to feet and roll up.  Repeat!

[youtuber youtube=’′]

I guess I did OK because when I finished Hunter said “Wow – you didn’t even take a break!”

After my 43 I decided to test my hip on the treadmill again.  I did 5 miles at 6:30 pace and then jogged 2.5 more miles.  I think my hip hurts less than last week when I ran so that is a bonus.  I can tell I have lost some serious conditioning over the past couple of months that I have had to lay off running.  Hopefully I can start running more again soon!

Gotta dash – got a last minute sub job!



Not real spiders….the day’s 43!!!  Spider push-ups :Approve:If you have never tried these, you should. I’m pretty sure that you will feel them – my arms are still shaking.

Start in plank (push-up position).  Do a full push-up and then bring your right knee to your right elbow.  Return to push-up position, push-up, then bring your left knee to your left elbow.  Continue till you reach your goal….for me 43!

[youtuber youtube=’’]

(I made a demo with Jordan (my 13 year old) but it was really dark and I couldn’t figure out how to change it so he will demonstrate something another time.)

After I collapsed on the ground at the end of the 43, I eventually managed to get myself up and finished my work-out with about 45 minutes of pilates.

This afternoon is Jordan’s last cross country meet of 8th grade. (And, I did manage to get a 9 page newsletter done yesterday!!!)

Happy Fun Friday!!!  Kim