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Do You Like to Know When Something Dreadful Is Coming up or be Surprised?

Because this is the state of my legs (again) this morning – 

the wraps
the wraps

I just went with a simple 44 today.  I did a stretch instead of a true exercise – forward bends to a toe touch.  Super easy but it was actually a nice move for my hamstrings – I should probably do that a bit more!!!

Other than my core challenge with Taylor (1 minute plank and 30 push-ups this week), I ended up taking an unplanned day off.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.39.41 AMSo, yesterday I had a Drs appointment that I thought was just a follow-up.  Remember in November I had LOTS of injections in my veins?  Well, I had a 2 month “check-up.”

I went in thinking I would probably be there about 5 minutes or so (didn’t even have my Nook with me!!).  

The DR looked at my legs and the couple of places that still hurt (all the time) and said, “Yep, there are still some pieces (of veins, I guess) there that we need to get.”

Next thing I know they start setting things up – 

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.44.11 AM(don’t be fooled that there are just 4 syringes – she added a couple more but she can do multiple injections with each one!!)

I had a  moment of panic!!!  I told the DR and nurse that I wasn’t really expecting shots and wasn’t mentally prepared.

The response, “Maybe just as well.”  Nice!

She used a stronger solution this time and YIKES!!!  Probably good that I hadn’t known because it was painful!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.37.50 AMSo, a couple of unplanned “easy” days (glad I got in a good run yesterday morning!!) and then hopefully I can be done with all of this!!!  (unless I get another surprise at the March appointment!)

Do you like to know when stuff like this is coming up so you can prepare mentally or would you rather just show up and find out at the last minute?

Happy Thursday!!!



Final Thoughts on Insanity: The Asylum

Today’s 43 was as much  about stretching as anything!!!  I did a side lunge with a toe touch and counted a right lunge and left lunge as 1 rep so it was 43 each side.

Lunge right
Lunge right

Here is a side view – all my weight is back in my butt (pretty much true all the time but especially when I lunge and squat!!).

lunge left
lunge left

Nice to do a move that doesn’t require a lot of jumping!!

Today I did my last Insanity Asylum workout – the Fit Test.  I did this same test  the day before I started the program and now after completing the program – I improved in all 9 drills!!!

Each move/exercise is done for 1 minute.  6 of the 9 drills use the agility ladder – Agility Ladder

#1 – Agility Heisman  –  (using ladder) I went from 7 to 9.5

#2 – In & Out Abs  – these are all done to the 2nd rung – I went from 20 to 35

[youtuber youtube=’′]

#3 – Lateral Push-Ups (alt. sides) – 16 to 25

#4 – Standing Mountain Climber Switch Kicks – (heel has to come up above waist to count) – 54 to 70

#5 – Agility Push-ups (using ladder – down & back = 1 rep – touch hand to opp. shoulder for each move) – 4 to 6.5

#6 – X Jumps (squat down and touch toes – jump into X) – 42 to 49

#7 – Moving Push-Ups (using ladder – down & back = 1 rep) – I went from 3 to 5

#8 – Agility Heisman (different version than #1) – 11 to 15.5

#9 – Bear Crawls (with ladder – hop feet in at top and hands in at bottom) – I went from 7 to 10

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 8.40.26 AM


Calvin & Hobbs sum up perfectly how I feel to be completely done with Insanity!!!  I think the program is great but it was HARD!!!  At some point in about 20 years in  the next year or so, I will probably go through the program again but for now I need a break from it!!!

My favorite thing about both Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum is Shaun T when Shaun T says “Dig Deeper!!!”Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 8.45.48 AMI will keep telling myself that while I move on to other workouts and finally get back to running!!! (I’ve been on a running break to try to reclaim my love of running – part of why I’ve been so focused on this crazy program!!)

And, on the running front – I’m ready to get back at it!!!  Yesterday I even got these cool  shoes because I needed figured that it was as good a time as any to add another pair to my collection.

Love the colors!!!
Love the colors!!!

I haven’t run in Asics since college (that’s been a LONG time!!!) but the guys (at the store) convinced me to give these a try and see how they compare to Mizunos so I agreed because I love the colors!!! (oh, and they feel good, too)

Gotta get moving on Saturday – lots to do today!!  Chris just left for a trip – I can’t say where all he is going but I will say that this

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 8.53.40 AMis involved in part of the trip.   I’m trying really hard not to be jealous!!!  The boys and I will  spend some of our day here

the beach
the beach

but it’s not quite the same!!!  

Happy Saturday!!!


A Life of Moderation or a Life of Extremes – Can the 2 Combine??

Today I used a simple little band for my 43.Band

This band is fairly small and provides a lot of resistance.  ( Note:  you could do the move without a band.)  I started with the band around one ankle and the bottom of my other shoe:


(Check out my super cute running skirt!!  MizFit workout skirt – check it out here.)

From this position, I pushed my foot straight back (it’s not a big move) and then brought it back to the start.

push foot back
push foot back

After 43 of the back-push move, I did another set of 43 where I flexed my leg down (without touching the ground) and back up.

 going down
going down
push leg down (don't touch ground)
push leg down (don’t touch ground)

These moves may look like nothing but if you squeeze your butt as you do both of them, you will feel it for sure!

Of course, I don’t want my hamstrings or butt to be lopsided so I had to repeat both of the 43s  on the other leg.  I think the second leg is always harder because it is already a little fatigued from supporting you while you work the first side.

Today was a running day for a couple of reasons:  it’s been a few days since my last run and that’s about the only thing I can do because my arms HURT!!!!  I’m not sure who thought doing thousands of jumping jacks was a good idea!!  Moving my arms to run was OK once I got started but lifting my arms to the side or over my head – painful.  I had no idea that jumping jacks could do that to a person – maybe it is because I’m an idiot and did 4,300!!!

Anyway – I ran on my treadmill (I don’t run in snow, you know) at a 1.5% incline – 8 miles (52:17) and then 2.5 more miles much easier for a total of 85:00 minutes.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.17.54 AMModeration can apply to so many things and areas of our lives.  We all know that I like wine and cosmos and… but I do try to always use moderation in that part of my life.Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 10.43.58 AMPotato chips – ummm…..hard to have moderation here!  (I have to just not buy them!!!)

What about other areas of life (not just food/beverages)?  Is moderation important?

In a lot of ways, I’m an all-or-nothing person.  I know that isn’t always for the best butScreen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.15.31 AM

I don’t really think that (all the time)!  Some days I need to work on moderation (like when I have a stupid idea to do 4,300 jumping jacks!!!) but other days I kind of like extremes!

What are you – moderate, extreme, mixture of both, neither?

Happy Tuesday!!


Push-Ups and a Modification

So…I had to modify part of my 43 today and that is OK! :Approve:

The 43 was a push-up with one hand on a medicine ball.  After performing one push-up walk hands over so that the opposite hand is on the medicine ball for the next push-up. After the first 30, I had to drop down to my knees in order to still get full range of motion on the push-ups.  I still did 43 and I think modifying in order to keep the integrity of the move was better than just going through the motions!

[youtuber youtube=’’]

As an FYI – I don’t count the reps during the demo as part of my 43 because I like to perform all the reps continuously.  Days like today I wish I counted those reps!!!

Usually I let my rest days be on the weekend but today is a good day to be off! :Happy:

I’m headed to get an MRI on my hip that has bugged me for 2 months now – hopefully it is something easily fixed!  Then I plan to spend the rest of the day with the boys since they are out of school.  (Hard to believe that they have already finished the first quarter of this year!!!)

Have a great fun Friday!


Roller Recovery

Today had to be recovery of some sort after the high mileage run/walk.  If you have never tried foam rolling, I highly recommend it.  My first experience with it came last year when I did P90X2.  On the Recovery and Mobility day Tony Horton shows you how to spend plenty of time using the foam roller to work out the kinks.  There are lots of options when choosing foam rollers.  Here are a few:

My foam rollers


If you are interested in finding a foam roller, I have seen them at Wal-Mart, Dick’s, Best Buy and Amazon.  They start at $15 and go up from there. The one with the ridges will really get deep into your muscles!!


43 of the day:  Crunches with foam roller behind lower back.  Nothing fancy – just a basic crunch but the foam roller really changes the feeling of the crunch.

Today I did a second  43.  I spent 43 minutes using my foam roller to stretch and recover.  The nice thing with the foam roller is you can use it to roll out stiffness or you can just hold it on a spot where you really feel it.  I spent 30 of the minutes really focusing on my calves, quads, hams and hip flexors and it hurt but in a good way!

left thigh – trying to ease the stiffness and pain


An advantage of a recovery day spent foam rolling – no need to wear tennis shoes so my blisters can heal!




Happy Monday!