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Treadmill Happiness

I love my treadmill!!! :Happy-Grin:

I actually did two 43s today!  First I did a straight-leg sit-up holding an 8 pound medicine ball on my chest.  Then….I moved on to the FUN 43!  Treadmill intervals!!!

I warmed up for 0.5 mile at 8 minute pace.  For the 43 I did 0.1 mile intervals at 6 minute pace.  I ran 0.1 hard then back down to the 8 minute pace for 0.1 until I had done 43 at the fast pace (6 minutes/mile).  I ended up running for 9 miles in exactly 1 hour (plus a short cool-down).

Running is my favorite – I hope I can increase my running again soon!

It’s another subbing kind of day – 4th grade – WooHoo!


Keep Pushing!

Today was another variation of a push-up for my 43.  There was a time when I couldn’t do even 1 push-up but over time I have built up to 43 (+).

The move today was a walk-out to a push-up.  Start standing with feet together.  Roll down and place hands on floor near feet.  Keep legs straight and walk hands out to plank position.  Perform push-up then walk hands back to feet and roll up.  Repeat!

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I guess I did OK because when I finished Hunter said “Wow – you didn’t even take a break!”

After my 43 I decided to test my hip on the treadmill again.  I did 5 miles at 6:30 pace and then jogged 2.5 more miles.  I think my hip hurts less than last week when I ran so that is a bonus.  I can tell I have lost some serious conditioning over the past couple of months that I have had to lay off running.  Hopefully I can start running more again soon!

Gotta dash – got a last minute sub job!


Mission Complete!!

Today’s 43 was a fun one.  I did a modified version of a single-arm clean and press.

The single arm clean and press is a whole body exercise focusing on the lower body, the core and the shoulders. By doing this move one arm at a time, the core has to work extra hard to keep your body balanced and the combination of movements really gets your heart rate up.

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a weight (I used a 10 pound dumbbell) in the right hand.
  2. Squat down touching the weight the the floor and keeping the back straight, abs in and the knees behind the toes.
  3. Push back up, pulling the weight up into a single arm row.
  4. In a smooth movement, flip the elbow down and the weight up and press the weight overhead.

Because I’m still trying to take it a little easy on my lower body, I took out the squat (thus the modified version).  I did 43 reps with my right arm and then immediately did 43 with my left arm.  I think I might feel this in my shoulders tomorrow.

After my 43, I decided that a light jog would work out the last of the soreness in my legs.  I’m happy to say that even though it is a couple days late, I finished my 43 miles!!! I did an easy 5.5 today and felt good doing it.

Looking forward to the next 43!



I decided to start this blog to coincide with my birthday event.  For a couple of years I have run my age on my birthday.  This year is 43!!  I decided to carry the theme a step further and spend a year incorporating 43 of something into every day.  Since I love to work-out I decided that it would be fitness related.  Some days it will just be a small part of my workout.  Some days will be easy (recovery days).

I always want to be “real” on this blog so there may be times that I am unable to complete 43 of anything.  There may also be times when I don’t hit the goal.

My kick-off 43 event was to run 43 miles.  Because I have battled a hip injury for the last 5 weeks and have had to stop running and doing any high-impact activities, I decided that it wouldn’t be quite the same but that I could walk the distance and still have the same outcome.  Once I got started I decided that maybe some easy jogging would be OK. Ultimately, this happened:

If you look closely, you can see that I went 37.5 miles so I was 5.5 miles short.  My body said, “NO MORE!!!”  Total time was 7 hours 32 min 45 sec.

I can’t wait to tackle the year of 43!!