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Attitude Adjustment

Today’s 43 was really fun!  I wasn’t sure if it would be good or not but I liked it!

I laid on my back with a medicine ball.  The first set of 43 I used an 8 pound ball then I decided to do a second set of 43 with a 9 pound ball.  I started with the ball in both hands and my arms pulled down tight to my body then tossed the ball straight up (over my chest) with my arms fully extended.  I caught the ball (surprisingly!!!) and lowered all the way down before repeating.  I tried to keep a quick pace so that it would exhaust my arms/chest.

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Thanks to Hunter for doing the demo!  By the 3rd toss he was getting it in the right spot!!

So I spent the past couple of days being in a funk and wallowing in the fact that I can’t do the things I want to – run, jump, walk….

Yesterday I decided that I was being ridiculous and still in control over my happiness.  I’m just going to make the best of my current situation and look at this as an opportunity for my body to get some rest that otherwise would NEVER happen!!!  I’m going to look for creative ways to get in some conditioning while still following most of the Dr.’s rules!

Above all – I’m going to continue to enjoy my life and stop being a Negative Nancy!!!!

This afternoon I’m back in the classroom – 5th grade!!!

Tonight is one of Hunter’s orchestra concerts!!!  WooHoo!!

Happy Thursday!


Wine Much???

For the 43 today I decided to tackle a move that is my nemesis – the tricep push-up!!!  This move has always been hard for me and no matter how many dips, kick-backs, over-head tricep extensions….I do, it never gets easier.  Today was no different – I did the first 6 on my toes and the rest (37) on my knees.  Even on my knees, it was a struggle to reach 43.

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Jordan actually did his age (14) on his toes – show off!!!

The past couple of days every time I have gone downstairs this is what I have seen:

Still sick

Hunter has not been out of his chair (except to go to bed) in 3 days now. Poor boy!!!

Show Off!!!

Jordan jumps up when he hears me on the stairs and starts doing push-ups.  The boys know that I like them to get some activity and not just play electronics all the time so this is Jordan’s way of doing it.  I asked him if he always did push-ups that way – yes, he does.  He had no idea that those are much harder than regular push-ups!!!

Because I may or may not have consumed 2 whole bottles of wine yesterday – over the course of 9 hours (cooking, eating, clean-up, and chilling), I decided that I really needed to push myself today.  Best way to do that – running!!!

I did a pyramid today:  Started at 8:00 min/mile and every 3 minutes increased the speed until I got to 5:00min/mile.  Ran 6min at that pace and then started decreasing the speed every 3 minutes until I was back to 8:00min/mile.  The decrease was nice!!!

Total:  10 miles in 61:00 at 1.5 incline.  Then I did another 2.5 to cool down!

Black Friday Shopping??  If I do any shopping today it will be online!!!

Happy Fun Friday!!!


Short & Sweet

Today was a continuation of yesterday’s garage sale.  2 long days – but it is so great to declutter my house and make some cash!

I still wanted to do a 43 so I made it easy.  I used one of our patio chairs and did  43 dips to work my triceps.  I think that is the most I have ever done without any breaks!! I’m sure my triceps will let me know tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday!