Caution: May Cause Rug Burns

Today’s 43 almost got the best of me!!!  It was HARD!  (and then I started laughing at myself because I know I looked like a complete goof – just made the move harder!!)

So, now that y’all are all dying to try the 43 for yourself, here you go.  I did a 4-way plank hold:  Start in plank (elbows for this move), turn to right side plank, turn to a backwards plank (nearly impossible for me!), turn to a left side plank and finally back to plank to complete 1 rep.

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I alternated directions just to make counting easier!  You can see in the video how much I struggled on the back plank (I actually didn’t hold the 2nd one in the demo – oops!!!).  Fun times for sure!!!

Now that I have completed 43 of those crazy twisting, turning planks, I have serious rug burns on my elbows – who knew?  Guess I should have left my jacket on or something (like maybe  elbow pads!!!).  If you are going to do this move I recommend covering  your elbows with something!!!

Today I also did day 4 of the 12 Days of Fitness.  The extended plank hold (1 minute) was a little more challenging after all of the other planking today!

It’s the weekend!!!  Hopefully the boys will want to do something fun (they are perfectly content to hang out at home most all of the time – so that might be what we go with!!).

Happy Saturday!


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