Chalean Extreme

I thought since I have done A LOT of different programs and I mention them on here I would start doing a little review about some of them for y’all.( I will also try to include where you could purchase them if I know that information.)  It will be a work in progress for awhile so hang in there and keep checking backI!

Chalean Extreme (available through Beach Body)     – Weights

Chalean Extreme
Chalean Extreme DVDs

It has 6 DVDs + an audio CD.

  1. Burn Basics, Band Basics and Healthy Eats & Kitchen Makeover – these just tell about the program, demo how to use bands/tubing instead of weights and help out with kitchen/food tips
  2. Burn Circuit 1,2,3 – During this phase you use a weight that you can perform  10-12 reps of each exercise.  The exercises work  upper and lower body at the same time.     Burn Circuit 1 – 36 min – abs, chest, upper back                                                           Burn Circuit 2 – 38min – biceps, triceps, back                                                               Burn Circuit 3 – 32 min – shoulders, calves, deltoids
  3. Push Circuit 1,2,3 – During this phase use a weight that you can perform 6-8 reps of each exercise.  These exercises only work one muscle group at a time.                       Push Circuit 1 – 33 min – biceps, lower body, triceps                                                   Push Circuit 2 – 35 min – shoulders, lower body, deltoids                                           Push Circuit 3 – 35 min – lower body, back, chest
  4. Lean Circuit 1,2,3 – During this phase you will perform 12 reps of each exercise and will be coming upper, lower and core for most of the moves.                                       Lean Circuit 1 – 44 min – biceps, triceps                                                                    Lean Circuit 2 – 39 min – deltoids, back                                                                  Lean Circuit 3 – 39 min – shoulders, chest
  5. Burn It Off – 27 min – Intervals                                                                               Recharge – 21 min – Yoga inspired stretching                                                           Bonus: Fat Blaster (from Turbo Jam) – 30 min
  6. Burn Intervals – 42 min – This alternates cardio moves and toning with light weights     Ab Burner – 10:30 min – abs and core                                                                       Extreme Abs – 16:30 min – abs and core
The CD is a motivational CD (I have never actually listened to it).

This is a program I am currently doing.  I followed the guide the first time I did it but this time I’m not since I’m not adding in the extra days.(from DVDs 5 & 6) I just try to lift at least 3x/week and then I will do each phase for at least 4 weeks. I love how much this program pushes me to lift heavier weights than I used to even attempt.

Chalean is always so much fun to work-out with!!  She has MANY great tips and ways to make sure that you get the most out of every move. I highly recommend this program!!!

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