Complete Muscle Failure

I’m having a hard time typing this because my arms are so shaky from my work-out – not gonna lie – I love it!!!  The 43 really shouldn’t have been hard but I’m trying to  push myself by increasing the amount of weight I lift so it was tough.

I just did 43 basic up-right rows.  Sounds simple, huh?  Start by standing with a dumbbell in each  hand palms facing body.  Pull weights up to chest height then push them down (like zipping up and unzipping a jacket).  I started with 15 pounds in each hand and after 30 reps I had to drop down to 12 pounds to finish the 43.  I figured it was much better to finish with a lighter weight than to let my form suffer!!

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Hunter offered to do a demo today.  I know his right arm isn’t completely in line with his left but it is because he just got his cast off (broken wrist) a week and a half ago and is still trying to strengthen his arm.  I love how serious he looks!!!

I was already shaky after the 43 but went ahead and did the rest of my work-out: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2.  If you have never done Chalean Extreme, I highly recommend it!!!  She focuses on lower reps and higher weights.  I went through this program a couple of years ago and it is  the first time  I really tried to do more than 8-10 pound weights.  Now I regularly use 20-30 pounds!!! (therefore, the shakiness while typing)

I’m off to enjoy Fun Friday!!!


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