Core Work – It’s Good for You!!!

Today I decided to do a circuit for my 43.  I made this one up last night (while drinking a Cosmo) and I think it did the job of working all parts of my core!!!

Standing Core Circuit

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I always look pissed off during my demos – not sure why!!! I’m probably thinking about the fact that I still have 43 of these to do!

Anyway – I did not rush this work-out because I wanted to feel each and every crunch!!!  43 times through the circuit = 215 of each of the different moves = 1935 total crunches!!!  I think I might be sore tomorrow!!!

I hope y’all try the circuit – you could pick a more reasonable # of reps – like maybe 10!!!

A few random pictures from yesterday (just because I took them and now I want them on my blog!!!).

frozen ducks!!!
frozen ducks!!!

The poor ducks – it was in the 50s here most of the week.  Yesterday that all changed – high of around 28 I think (same for today but at least the sun is shining!!!).  The ducks looked frozen into the lake yesterday morning.

Knightly Tabard
Knightly Tabard

At one point yesterday afternoon, Hunter came upstairs with this on – just because, I guess!!!  You never know when you might encounter a Renaissance type around here!

Hunter's Rubik collection
Hunter’s Rubik collection

This cracks me up – all together and all except the 6×6 cube solved!  I think Hunter has plans to add more to his collection – everyone needs a new challenge.

Well, I’m done with the random stuff for now.  Gotta go check on my sickie – Jordan is miserable!!!

Try out the core circuit and let me know what you think.

Happy Sunday!




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