Day With KT Is Evolving

Today’s 44 was a row with a band.  Loop the band around your feet and sit back in a semi-reclined position – 

the set-up of the band
the set-up of the band

On the row, you really squeeze your shoulder blades together to feel the move.  By reclining a little, you can add in some core work – always a bonus!

I also got in a nice long run!!  I did 11 miles (88:07) + a nice easy cool down mile.  Since this week is spring break I have a little extra time in the mornings so I’m going to try and get several long runs!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 8.35.33 PM

I think that everything in life is constantly changing or evolving otherwise it becomes stagnant.

Carla Binberg (the former MizFit) has been doing a series on change the past few weeks which has really resonated with me.  Change can be a great thing and it can keep us moving forward in our lives and toward our goals.

Lately I have alluded to the fact that I need to make some changes in regards to my blog. I wrote about how hard decisions can be and then yesterday I talked about staying true to my “why.”  I have also been really focusing on the THINK acronym and I know that a lot of what I post isn’t helpful, inspiring or necessary!!!

The one thing I know is that I have way to many blog friends (and the list has grown since that September post!!!) to walk away from my little space.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 8.45.28 PMSo after a LOT  of thought I have decided it is time for a change over here!

I have posted 547 consecutive days and loved almost every minute of it!!  However, I’ve decided that it is time for me to back off and I am going to go to a lighter  posting schedule (probably 3 week days but it might be 4 some weeks!) with a Daily 44 recap of the week on the weekend.  It is odd for me to not  start every post with my daily move and I might continue that at least for awhile – small changes might be easier!!!

I think/hope that by cutting down on posts I will be able to focus more on having quality posts and also read and comment on other blogs the way I really want to!!!

I figure this will either take away some stress in my life or I will have major withdrawals from my daily blogging and then I will just Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 8.56.09 PMHow has you blog evolved since you started blogging?  Was it hard or easy to make changes?  

Happy Monday!!


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