Do You Like to Know When Something Dreadful Is Coming up or be Surprised?

Because this is the state of my legs (again) this morning – 

the wraps
the wraps

I just went with a simple 44 today.  I did a stretch instead of a true exercise – forward bends to a toe touch.  Super easy but it was actually a nice move for my hamstrings – I should probably do that a bit more!!!

Other than my core challenge with Taylor (1 minute plank and 30 push-ups this week), I ended up taking an unplanned day off.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.39.41 AMSo, yesterday I had a Drs appointment that I thought was just a follow-up.  Remember in November I had LOTS of injections in my veins?  Well, I had a 2 month “check-up.”

I went in thinking I would probably be there about 5 minutes or so (didn’t even have my Nook with me!!).  

The DR looked at my legs and the couple of places that still hurt (all the time) and said, “Yep, there are still some pieces (of veins, I guess) there that we need to get.”

Next thing I know they start setting things up – 

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.44.11 AM(don’t be fooled that there are just 4 syringes – she added a couple more but she can do multiple injections with each one!!)

I had a  moment of panic!!!  I told the DR and nurse that I wasn’t really expecting shots and wasn’t mentally prepared.

The response, “Maybe just as well.”  Nice!

She used a stronger solution this time and YIKES!!!  Probably good that I hadn’t known because it was painful!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.37.50 AMSo, a couple of unplanned “easy” days (glad I got in a good run yesterday morning!!) and then hopefully I can be done with all of this!!!  (unless I get another surprise at the March appointment!)

Do you like to know when stuff like this is coming up so you can prepare mentally or would you rather just show up and find out at the last minute?

Happy Thursday!!!



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