Feeling Old and Creaky

Today for my 43 I did a straight leg dead lift (one of my favorite moves!!) and a front raise (one of my least favorite moves!!).


For the dead lift, keep your back flat (stick your butt out) and slide the weights down your legs –

dead lift
dead lift

Slowly come back up while pulling your weights up your legs – then lift arms up in front of you to shoulder height.

front raise
front raise

I can tell my shoulders are getting stronger (finally!!) because I did all 43 with 8 pound dumbbells – I thought that I would have to switch to 5s at some point but I made it!!!

Today is a much needed rest day – mostly because I can barely walk!!!  Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 8.48.00 AM

On Tuesday, I decided that 43 x 200 meters would be a good 43 as well as a great speed workout!!  And it was a really good workout – I felt strong running the entire time.  And then, yesterday came along – Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 8.44.51 AM

I worked out yesterday morning thinking that would help the residual soreness from Tuesday.  WRONG!!!  As the day went on, I think I got more and more sore – mostly my quads.  Going down stairs was not pretty – Hunter kept asking if I was OK – NO!!!  I can barely walk!!Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 8.49.05 AM

Yesterday, I absolutely did not look like a runner!!!!  This morning when I jumped
crawled out of bed, I realized that my legs were even worse today – Good Times!!!  I’m pretty sure that back in high school and college I bounced back from speed work a little lot quicker.  The day after speed work should look more like this – Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 8.49.58 AMI’m usually completely happy with my age but yesterday and today are one of those rare occasions when I wish I were a little younger (or at least still had the same recovery ability of someone half my age)!!!

I guess today is one of those days were I just need to – Suck it up!!!!Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 8.43.27 AMI’m not sure that I’m smiling about the pain right now but I’m going to pretend!!

I’m happy and thankful that I can still push myself as hard as I did when I was younger, I just wish that I could recover the way I used to – I guess 1 out of 2 isn’t bad!

Ever have those days where you feel much older than your age?  

Happy Thursday – I will be in my rocking chair!!!Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 9.10.11 AM


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