Friends Are Friends

There are friends that we have known all of our lives and friends we have only known a short time but feel like we have known them forever.

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And, as all bloggers know, there are friends that we have never met in person but still consider friends.

Biz (My Bizzy Kitchen) is one of those people who I felt a connection to from the very first time I read her blog.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s a twin like me or the fact that we are almost the same age.  Maybe it’s because she was doing Insanity when I first “met” her.

Regardless, I love reading Biz’s blog and consider her a friend even though we might never meet in person.

The past few weeks have not been easy for Biz.  Her husband, Tony, has been very sick and actually passed away Tuesday night.

Later today (Friday), Biz and her family will honor  Tony  one final time.  I know that she can use all the hugs and support she can get today and in the coming days.  If you don’t already know Biz, check out her blog and let her know that many of us are thinking of her!!!!

Happy Friday!


(No comments today – just let a friend know how much you care about them!!!)