Graduation Day!!!

Today’s 43 was all about the core!!  I got this move from Nellie’s blog Brooklyn Active Mama.  Every Wednesday she features a new move and today’s Weekly Wednesday Workout  was the windshield wiper!!!

I made a slight change to the way she had it demoed – in her version, you keep your knees bent.  I decided to increase the challenge and keep my legs straight!!!  You lay on your back with your arms extended out from your body and legs straight up.  Slowly lower your legs to the right (as far as you can go while keeping your upper body still) then move your legs slowly to the left – a right and left = 1 rep.  Confused? – watch the video!

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I had a hard time keeping my shoulder still – gotta keep working on it!!  Try some of these and you will immediately feel it in your obliques!!  After completing 43 I think I will be sore tomorrow!!!

Today I went back to one of my favorite workouts – Combat!!  I did Combat 60 – Ultimate Cardio Fighter!!!  It was awesome – I’ve definitely missed my combat time!!!!

GraduationI don’t know about other places/school districts but in our district you have 4 graduations before you finish school!!!  Kindergarten, 6th grade, 8th grade and of course, the final graduation from high school.

Today, I have a 6th grader and an 8th grader graduating!!!  (Which means that we are officially done with elementary school – Hunter and entering high school – Jordan!!!)

The 8th grade graduation is just names being called out – not really a ceremony.  The rest of the day is just “filler” for the kids.  We may win a “bad parent” award but Jordan didn’t want to go today and we said it was fine – his summer started yesterday!!!

1st thing in the morning!!
1st thing in the morning!!

I still made him let me take a picture!!  Can you tell he has only been up a few minutes?!  And, of course, he is in his standard white!!!  (He has worn white Nike shorts and a white Nike T-shirt every day since the beginning of 6th grade – with a few exceptions when he had to wear specific things!!!)

Hunter’s graduation from 6th grade starts with a lunch for students and parents/families followed by a 6th grade talent show and then the “graduation.”  It will be fun!!

in his favorite color
in his favorite color

Hunter loves neon yellow!!!  And the bowtie is nice addition for sure!!!

Do y’all have graduations from each “level” of school?   

Happy Wednesday!!!



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