Happiness Comes from Within

I was skimming through a book called 365 Ways to be Happy.  Some of the things are kind of silly but there are some really great concepts in the book.

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Since I’m focusing on happy and positive things I thought it would be fun to occasionally share about it.  Even though we have all heard some of these things before I think the reminder is always good – I know I need to hear some things almost daily!!

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When we rely on others for our happiness we end up expecting too much of them.  The only way to find happiness is to be content with ourselves.

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Some days that is no problem and other days that I struggle with being completely content with myself.

Are you content with your life (at least on the whole)?
Do you think other people can make you happy?

I’m happy being with my family but I also don’t want them to feel responsible for keeping me happy!!!

Happy Monday!!  I hope that y’all are all HAPPY!!


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