Happy Monday!!!!

The 43 today was hard for me!!!  I had to modify it in order to  finish all 43 – but we all know that making a modification is better than sacrificing form!!!

The move – a push-up with a clap.  (Now do you feel my pain?!)  The push-up alone – great!  Add in the clap – uh, what???  I did the first 13 on my toes and the next 30 on my knees.  Still got to 43 and by dropping to my knees I was still able to perform a full push-up  so I still consider it a success!!

Special guest for the video:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2NQgcsrF_I’]

Thanks, Chris!!!  (BTW – did you notice how many he did? 9!!!  + 1 more after the video)  He said, “No way am I doing 43!!!”  Umm…that’s cause you’re 44 – get busy!!!!  I think he left it at 10!!!  10 is much better than 0!!!

Today was another day of fun with Les Mills Combat!!!  I did the Combat 30 work-out again.  I’m really enjoying it now that I have done it a few times and know all the moves!!

After Combat I did something that I don’t do nearly enough of – a stretching DVD!!!  I did the Turbo Fire Stretch and it felt good.  I have a hard time making myself take the time to really stretch very often – I know I need it!!  Gotta work on doing that much more frequently!!

Even cats need a good stretch!!!
Even cats need a good stretch!!!

More time stretching – on the list!!!

I saw this yesterday and thought it was appropriate (at least in my world)!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 12.45.05 PM

Gotta get ready to head to the library (might be my last full day!!!).  Jordan will be home – still sick!  Hopefully he will be much better when he gets up today – I’m sure the fact that he has had these

Onions to the Rescue!!!
Onions to the Rescue!!!

in the room with him will make a huge difference!!!  (or not – but it can’t hurt, right?)

Happy Monday!



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