Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!!!

Today, the 43 was all cardio because my work-out was lifting.  I used this step again:

14″ double step (the Transfirmer)

I did a step-up with a knee lift and then jumped down, turned around and repeated with the opposite knee lift for one rep.  (I know the descriptions is probably complete gibberish – lucky thing I have another lovely demo!!!!)

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i-ukBZVH5g’]

After 43 reps my heart rate was definitely up – success!!!

Today I did Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 3 – mostly chest and back + some lower body.  I’m happy to be benching 25 pound dumbbells these days – I know it’s only 50 pounds total but the moves are super slow in this program so it makes it harder than speed lifting!!!

Gotta get in the kitchen and finish the meal prep – all 8 (maybe 9 – who knows) of the recipes I’m making are things I’ve never made before!!!  I’m most excited about the beer-brined turkey!!  I hope it turns out moist and tasty!

Poor Hunter – still in bed – he said all he wants to do is lay in bed.  Wish I could make him feel better!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!   I hope everyone has someone special to share the day with!


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