Holiday Fun

I love holidays like today – Chris gets to be off so we can hang out!!!  He didn’t do my 43 with me but I guess that’s OK!

Today for the 43 I wanted to get my heart rate up since the rest of my work-out was weights.  I did 43 jumping lunges.  Not only did I get my heart rate up but my quads were BURNING!!!  Start in a standard lunge (watch your knees).  Push straight up and land in a lunge with the other leg.  Repeat to 43.

After lunges, I did Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 – this one really works your shoulders and it also let me get in more lunges – score!!!

Chris and are off to play golf.  Always an experience because I’m really not a good golfer but it is a great way to hang out together!  I just try to make contact (most of the time).:Happy:

Enjoy your holiday Monday!


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