Home Alone

Today’s 43 was a standing oblique crunch.  The nice thing about doing standing core work is that I always feel it in my hip flexors which need all the strengthening they can get.

To do the side crunch:

start – helps to close your eyes – focus or something?!
crunch to the right
crunch to the right – tap toe & repeat

I did all 43 on the right side and then switched and did another set of 43 on the left.

to the left
to the left

I did the last full workout in Insanity Asylum – Speed and Agility (brutal but I made it!!!). This morning, I was stalling because I was dreading it for some reason – oh, yeah – because it is so hard!!!  I pretty much dragged through the warm-up but then sucked it up and got it done!!!costanza-clappingNow all that I have left to finish the program is the final fit test!!!

Today was also beach Boot Camp – we did the Band workout.  Resistance bands and sand combined are sure to make for a great workout!!!  (plus, my arms were tired today!!)

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 8.43.18 PMLast night was the first time that I have been home alone in 4 weeks.  I know that might not seem like a big deal but I went from being the only one home during the day for the entire school year to having my 2  boys with me all the time.  

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 8.46.02 PM

I love spending lots of time with my boys but I also enjoy some time alone every once in awhile.  And, being home alone – even if it’s only for an hour – means I can sit with my laptop and watch one of my favorite mindless reality shows – 

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 9.08.50 PMYep – I watch for the drama as much as the dancing!!!

Since Chris has a TDY coming up, it will be weeks before I’m home by myself again which is fine but tonight I did a littlehappy-dance2happy dance and enjoyed my hour alone – guilt free!!

Do you like to be home alone/hate it/never experienced it?

Happy Thursday!!!


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