Home Sweet Home!!!

No matter where I go, I’m always happy to be back home.  Today was another day in the car – it was a very quick trip to Texas!!!

I wanted to get my 43 done even though I was traveling so I did another fun car exercise.  (I’m pretty sure this one could not be done without using cruise control!)

I did a version of a wall sit.  Basically, I lifted myself off of my seat and held that position for about 15 seconds – 43 times.  I only lowered for 3-5 seconds between reps.  I totally felt this in my quads and a little in my shins.  I did make sure not to put the weight in my arms on the steering wheel – I wanted my legs doing the work.

I’m sure it looked a little odd to people that I passed but at least I got my 43 done!!!

Glad to be home! (and get back to really working out)


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