Hooray for 4-Day Weekends!!!

It is parent/teacher conference time so the boys are out of school today and tomorrow – Yippee!!! I figured since they were home, they could be part of my 43!!

Today I decided to let my 43 be my only work-out so I wanted to do something that I felt like gave me a little toning and a little cardio.  I decided to make loops through the house. I started at the bottom of one staircase, walked up (14 steps), walked through to the other staircase (about 18-19 steps), down the steps (14 steps) then through to return to base of first set of steps (23-24 steps).  After each loop I jumped up and did a mini pull-up on this fun bar:

Pull-up Bar

It was a nice 43/work-out for an easy day.  The boys each did their age in loops, too.

Jordan doing 13 loops!

Look how tall he is!!!  He did his loops much faster but I did have 30 more than him!  :Wink:

Hunter doing 11 loops!!

Hunter really raced through his.  I think he was disappointed when he realized that I was adding in the pull-up each time and he hadn’t done that part – maybe he will do some pull-ups later.

Now we are ready to do enjoy our day!!!


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