Increasing the Daily Reps (9/14 – 9/20)

This week saw in a change in daily moves from 44 to 45.  What’s one more rep of anything?!

Sunday 9/14  44 heel raises while doing a wall sit and holding up a 20 pound kettle bell.

lift the heels
lift the heels

Not gonna lie – my quads were burning by the time I finished these!!

Monday 9/15  44 super burpee (had to have something big for my last Daily 44.)

To do the move:  jump back into plank – push-up – jump legs in and right – jump back to plank – jump legs in and  left – jump back to plank – jump feet in to hands – jump back to plank – plank jack – jump up to standing – do 8 fast feet.  Hooray – 1 rep is done!!!

10 of these would have been OK but 44 was tough!!!

And I’m finally back to normal workouts!!!  I started a new program – PIYO – Align the Fundamentals.  Not sure how much I’m going to like it but I will give it a try!!!

Tuesday 9/16  45 minutes of running (to see how far I could get).45 minutes of Running

I did 7.43 miles in 45 minutes (7:23, 6:17, 5:51, 5:34, 5:39, 5:54, 5:50 and 6:01 to finish the 8th mile)

I haven’t run hard like this in awhile so I paid the price for this run for the rest of the week – stairs were rough until yesterday and my shins were very tight!!!

Wednesday 9/17  45 crunches while on a BOSU with a stability ball between the ankles.


You can see in the pictures that I had to keep my hands on the side of the BOSU – I didn’t hold the entire time but I sure did have to hold a lot for balance!!!

I also did 2 more of the PIYO workouts – Define Lower Body and Define Upper Body.

Thursday 9/18  45 plie with hands touching the floor – spring up onto toes and reach hands up.

up onto toes - reach hands up
up onto toes – reach hands up

This was another day of PIYO – Sweat.  I looked ahead at the way the program is laid out and it just repeats the same workouts from this week over and over for a few weeks – not sure that I will do this program as it is written!!!

Friday 9/19  45 curtsey lunge with hop to opposite leg and another curtsey lunge – stay low the entire time.  (right-left = 1 rep)

Then I did one of my favorite workouts – Turbo Fire!!!  I did Fire 55EZ  (not to be confused with easy!!).  Fun way to start the day.

Saturday 9/20  45 mountain climbers in low plank.

I let Hunter do the demo since he is the one who told me about this lovely move!!!  It was hard but I liked it!!!

So, this wasn’t a super hard week of workouts but it was nice to be back in the routine!!!

Happy Saturday!


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