Is it Play or is it Exercise???

My  43 (entire work-out actually) involved this piece of equipment:
Mini Tramp

Would that count as true exercise or is it just child’s play?  I’m going to say it was a work-out!!!  (BTW – if you look at the picture closely you can see how beat up my little mini-tramp is.  I have had it since college – 20+ years!!)

I got up (at 5:00am) planning to just do 43 star jumps on my little mini tramp – no big deal!

[youtuber youtube=’′]

[youtuber youtube=’’]

(You get to see both boys because neither wanted to be left out of the fun!!)

Anyway, a couple jumps in I decided that 43 would be way to easy!!!  So, I did what anyone would do and did 43 sets of 43 jumps with 43 little jogging steps on the tramp in between each set.  By the end I decided that even though it was mostly fun – it was definitely exercise and a great work-out.  In fact, it was interval training at it’s finest!!!  For the star jumps I really pushed my arms out and up which helped get my heart rate up.  The little jog was enough to recover slightly  but not drop my heart rate entirely.

Things I learned during this play/exercise session:

  • All those big jumps at my age are a little scary!!
  • If I watched my reflection in the black TV screen it helped me keep my balance!
  • Play can be a great work-out!
  • 43 sets of 43 jumps = 1849 total star jumps!!!
  • I can do things like this without falling off and breaking any bones (at least on this particular day!).

I’m happy that I changed my original plan  and turned this into an interval work-out!  Fun times!!!

Yesterday after the funeral for Chris’ aunt we went to the hospital to see another aunt and uncle of his.  His uncle had heart surgery on Monday.  He had one of his heart valves replaced with the valve from:Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 7.15.25 AM

Yep – from a pig!!!  Crazy!!!  He is still in the CCU but hopefully not for much longer.  His kids, Chris’ cousins (and their spouses) were full of pig jokes!!!  Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 7.14.55 AM

The wonders of modern science!!!  I’m still trying to wrap my head around having part of a pig in your heart.

On that note – Happy Thursday!!!


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