“It Walked Off”

Sometimes people say things and I don’t even have a suitable response because it is so ridiculous!!!

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When we have events at our venue we give the renter a key and then they are supposed to lock up after the event and drop the key in a mail drop box on the door – super easy!!!

Wednesday, late in the afternoon, I met a lady at the venue who had the place booked for the evening.  

After a jam packed day, I finally sat down to relax (read blogs!!) about 7:00 pm.  

At 8:00 the lady who had  rented the venue called me.  She said that she had a small problem.  “The key walked off.”

What?!  How does that even happen???  

She said that she had looked everywhere.  After telling her there would be a charge if it didn’t turn up by the next day I told her that she could leave and I would head over to lock up (20 minutes each way).

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Hunter rode with me to lock up.  We did a quick walk-through of the place to look for the key.  It was in plain site on the kitchen counter!!!

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While I was happy to find the key so that I didn’t have to change the locks, I was beyond frustrated!!!  I had already spent  most of the day working over there and then the rest of the day playing “mom taxi” since I’m solo parenting this week!!  

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Oh, well – at least the key ran back home!!!

Happy Friday!!


71 thoughts on ““It Walked Off””

  1. People never cease to amaze me! It just another pleasure of owning your own business. When I had my studio, I had a trainer (young and male) who left the studio UNLOCKED twice!!! Imagine how I felt when I went to open it in the morning and key LOCKED the door instead of unlocked it. After the second time, he put a post-it note on his steering wheel as a reminder because I told him he was outta there if it happened again!!
    Allie recently posted…Born To Run For Love or Money? (Win the Book!)My Profile

    1. Allie, that would be super frustrating!!
      We have had people leave the kitchen door unlocked before – it always drives me crazy!!! It is never a good feeling to try a door and realize it is unlocked and has been over night!!
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  2. Trust me, when I say, “Sounds about right” and I must say nothing shocks me anymore as far as people go. Seriously, I am beyond shockable these days, especially like you running my own business online. I have heard and seen it all, especially as of late and whereas I am a nice person even I have my limits. So, I think you handled the situation quite perfectly and me I mint i have just blown my fuse when she told me the key was missing after a long day of working. Sorry, you had to have this happen though and at the very least, it is finally Friday!
    Janine Huldie recently posted…The Stars And Stripes Edition – GLOSSYBOX June 2014My Profile

    1. Janine, I guess things like this come with owning/running a business:) I sometimes wonder if people who are nice get taken advantage of because people think they can and that we will just keep smiling!
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  3. OK, I have to offer up a sincere apology on behalf of that woman, because I am someone who can be STARING STRAIGHT AT an object I am looking for and not see it.

    My wife is also known in our house as “the Finder” because she can locate in 30 seconds objects I’ve been tearing up the house looking for for hours or sometimes days.

    (Occasionally we have a role reversal and she’ll be looking for something in plain sight. I live for those moments!)
    crabby mcslacker recently posted…Linkies!My Profile

    1. Crabby, I guess I am the finder in our family and now for the business – it helps that I’m totally anal and always put stuff in the same place. Chris, on the other hand, loses his phone regularly. Of course, I always try to get him to just call it but it doesn’t work because the ringer is off – UGH!!!
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

    1. Marcia, the sad thing is she didn’t even pay for the evening – she won it through a charity donation we made – so the entire thing (cleaning, set-up, ironing, and finding the key:) were all for free!!
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  4. Frustrating ~ YES! Thankful ~ For Sure! People ~ ARE CRAZY THESE DAYS….my husband and I joke that we are the only perfect ones out there….ha! (total joke for sure!)

    Glad it turned up!
    Kathy recently posted…5 months………My Profile

    1. Kathy, I say that same thing (people are crazy) all the time!!!
      You’re right – I was thankful that the key was in the venue and I didn’t have to spend a couple hours Thursday with a locksmith changing the locks.
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  5. What aggravates me reading this story is the type of language the woman used to alleviate all ownership of the situation. The KEY walked off. Not, “I lost the key” or “I can’t find the key”. LOL. It is exactly like one of my 5 yr old students. I’ll look around the room and suddenly I’ll see a kid with his shoes off. What? I say, “What are you doing?” (they know better.) “My shoes came off,” the 5 yr old said. Of course, me being a strict teacher, I cut no slack and say, “No, YOU TOOK your shoes off. They did not magically come off.” hahaha. Anyway, that lady reminds me of a 5 yr old . :)
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Signs it’s summertime….My Profile

    1. Chris, I agree – you just have to wonder about people sometimes!!!
      The sad thing about charing her is that she didn’t even pay for the event – she won it through a charity event that we donated to so all of it (cleaning, set-up, ironing and finding the key) was free!
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  6. Oh man, this is straight up frustrating! The thing that annoys me most is it feels like she didn’t have any respect for your time. I mean, how hard could she have looked? Did she ask anyone else to help her look before she made you drive out? That seems like it would have been the considerate thing to do! I would have been so embarrassed to have made that call to you that I would have definitely asked someone else to help me look for the key first! If it was in plain sight, someone should have noticed it before they had to call you!
    Kristina @ Blog About Running recently posted…5 Things On My Mind This Friday!My Profile

    1. Kristina, it was frustrating and the time thing bugged me just because it had already been a long day but I know that is part of being a business owner – some days never end!!!
      Like you, I would have been mortified to make a call like that – I would have spent however long it took walking around looking for the key instead of calling right away (which she did because the event ended at 8:00 and she called less than 5 minutes later).
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  7. How frustrating for you! I have to a admit that I’d probably be the client to do that to you. Even though you don’t have to change the licks I hope you still charge her something. It was extra time, gas, etcetera that you weren’t planning on when you quoted her.
    Carla recently posted…Making Races Fit Your Training PlanMy Profile

    1. Carla, the funny/sad thing about charging her is that she actually didn’t even pay for the evening. She won the event at a charity donation we did so everything (cleaning, ironing, set-up and key finding) was all free!!!
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

    1. HaHa, Kelly – I read your comment to my boys because the pun cracked me up (they just looked at me like I was crazy:)!!! I know that she looked for the key for less than 5 minutes because her event ended at 8:00 and she called by 8:05.
      Kim recently posted…My Weak Spot (7/20-7/26)My Profile

  8. Yeah! I might have written about it but I lost the keys in the key dish at my house. I had to leave the house unlocked for a day. The only thing in the key dish was the keys. I swear I looked more than once. It was dark and early in the morning!
    Cindy recently posted…I Out Stunk a SkunkMy Profile

  9. Hiding in plain sight, eh? In our house we call that “male disease”. For instance when “someone” opens the refrigerator and can’t find the catsup – because he neglected to move the gallon of milk and look behind it. At least when that happens, I don’t have to drive 20 minutes each way to solve the mystery!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…Othello At The Old GlobeMy Profile

  10. I’d be frustrated too, but I admit to doing similar things. Sometimes I can’t find something and I’ll ask Matt or the kids to look for it, and there it is. Clearly it was invisible to my eyes, but not theirs. What am I going to be like when I’m 75? Oh boy.
    Dana recently posted…Elusive wordsMy Profile

  11. I’m glad you found the key, but DUH, hello, lady??? Jeez. Whenever my husband can’t find something, he says “This house eats things!!!” He can never just admit that he doesn’t remember where he put something, or that maybe he moved it. He always swears “I put it right here, and now it’s gone!” Um… whatever it is can’t walk. So you probably moved it. LOL
    Diana recently posted…My Aching Feet!My Profile

  12. I know hubby thinks I’m crazy, but I burst out laughing when I read that she said “it walked off.” What in the world? That’s a really funny way to describe it. I hate driving as it is so I can only imagine how frustrating it was to drive all day and then have to drive over there and back again. :(
    Brittnei recently posted…Swim Your Way to a Healthier Heart!My Profile

    1. HaHa, Brittnei – I have done that reading blogs, too. And then I feel the need to share – Chris is a good sport but the boys could care less if they happen to be the ones around at the time.
      It was a funny way to describe losing the key:)
      Kim recently posted…The Good and the Bad = LifeMy Profile

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