Jordan, You Rock!!!

Today I did something a little different (for me) with the daily 43.  I used this machine:

unsightly piece of equipment
unsightly piece of equipment 


This is the Weider Platinum XP 800 by Cross Bow.  It is similar to a Bow-Flex (I think).  We have had it for years and today is the first time I have used it (I prefer dumbbells and free weights).  Chris uses it occasionally – I think.





Anyway, I did leg extensions with this today.  I set the weight/resistance to 50 and my quads were screaming by the time I had done the first 10.  By the time I reached 43 I wasn’t sure I could stand up (but clearly I made it!!!).

Start (smile - you can do this!!)
Start (smile – you can do this!!)
Extend those legs!!!
Extend those legs!!!

I’m not sure that I will be using this machine often again – kind of a pain to get set up!

I also did a little Turbo Fire today – Fire 30.  It is a challenge for me to do these work-outs and keep them low (no) impact.  The good news is, I really focus on my punches and form.  I also try to get lower in my stances and squeeze my abs harder.

After a little cardio I decided to try my plank (with arms fully extended) hold again – 3:30!!!!  That is my best yet!!!

The past week or two I have noticed that my website has been running VERY SLOWLY.  I couldn’t figure out why or how to fix it.  Last night I was messing around with it and Jordan came walking by.  I asked him what he thought.  He looked at some of the pages and decided that it was my newest page (Daily 43) that was causing the problem.  I had set it up as one long post and it probably had 70  or more videos on it.  (At this point I’m pretty sure Jordan decided that I was totally incompetent on all things computer related.)  Anyway, I deleted all of the videos and just linked the exercise to the corresponding video (per Jordan).  I think we (by we I mean Jordan) solved the problem!!!

Funny that 14-year old boys are so smart!!!  See, all that time spent on his computer has totally paid off!!!  Thank you, Jordan!!!

Tonight we are going to a Christmas Eve Eve party at some friends.  This is a yearly tradition of theirs and always a good time!!

Happy Sunday!



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