WooHoo!!!  Fun Friday started off with a great 43!!  I did a Roll & Reach!

  • Start facedown with arms and legs extended. (Every time I was in this position, I did a little Superman lift.)
  • Roll over left shoulder and immediately do a V-sit reaching fingers to toes.
  • Drop back down and roll over right shoulder – Superman again.
  • Reverse moves back to start.
The above is 1 rep.  43 was no joke!!!
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I made the demo yesterday and this morning I added on to the move from the video.  In the demo, I just did the V-sit and then rolled back to the start.  This morning I decided that was far too easy for the 43 so I added the extra steps listed above!  Much better!
I did Pick Your Spot Pilates again this morning – Belly, Butt & Thighs.  I feel sure that I will be a Pilates expert at the end of the next 8 weeks!!! (or maybe just sick of pilates – who knows?)
Goofy grin
Last night we went to Hunter’s orchestra concert at school (6th grade orchestra!!!).  It was a very nice program – you can definitely hear and see the improvement from last year’s programs!!!
Hunter on the cello

I really do like the sound of the cello and Hunter is getting quite good!

Today I get to test my musical ability (or complete lack there-of!).  I’m subbing in the music room!!  Sort-of comical because I have less than zero sense of rhythm, pitch or anything else needed in music.  (Good thing I already know that the plan is to show a video of some sort today – hope it is a good one!!!)

Happy Fun Friday!


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