Make it Harder!!!

Today the initial part of the 43 was fairly easy – a squat off a step.  However, I wanted to make it more challenging so I held an 8 pound medicine ball over my head the entire time. After 86 squats (43 per side), the place I felt it the most was my triceps and they were on FIRE!!!

The move was to start with both feet on a step.  Lower the right foot off the step and squat.  Step back up with right foot and lower left foot.  Squat on the left and return to start for 1 rep.  Repeat for your desired goal – 43 for me – keeping arms extended straight overhead with a medicine ball, dumbbell or even no weight the entire time.

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I wanted to get back into a better weight lifting routine so I started Chalean Extreme     back up .  I did Burn Circuit 1 and I’m sure that I will feel every rep tomorrow!! After that I decided to get in a quick cardio session so I did Turbo Jam – Cardio Party 2.  I love days that I have a time for a little extra training!

Have a great Wednesday!

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