The 44 today might sound easy but…..It was a falling push-up.  You do the move from your knees and fall forward into a triceps push-up.  Then push back to the starting position.

I tried not to round my back so much on the push-up part but not very successfully!

After a couple days break, it was another day of Insanity the Asylum vol.2.  Today was X-Trainer.  This is the one with a solid 4 minutes of push-ups and plank holds – super fun!!  I actually like this workout quite a bit because it is 50 minutes of everything – speed, agility, strength – and every single muscle is involved!!!

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 6.44.26 AM


Did you know that Wednesday it will be just 2 weeks until Christmas?

Guess how much of my Christmas shopping I have done?!   

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 6.46.58 AM

Actually, other than decorating, I haven’t done a single thing to plan for Christmas!!!  Usually we have our family picture done, our cards printed and our newsletter ready to go by now.  I think we are going to cheat on the family picture and use one from this summer – 

this picture makes my heart happy!!!
this picture makes my heart happy!!!

Oh – summer time memories!!!

Jordan had an English project to do over the weekend and he was actually very excited to work on it.  He had to make a movie trailer for The Odyssey.  

It is really  good – I should get Jordan to help me jazz up my videos!!!  I don’t know how he knows how to do all of that stuff!

Enough rambling – time to get on with this Monday!

Are you ready for Christmas or do you feel behind like me?

Happy Monday!!!


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