My Kind of Day!!

Today I worked my triceps with the 43.  I also really had to use my core because I included a stability ball.  I put my feet on the ball – I tried to keep just my feet and not let my calves rest on the ball to make it more difficult!

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I nearly lost the ball a couple of times but I made it through  43!!  It took quite a while after I finished for my arms to quit shaking!!!

I also spent some time on the elliptical again today.  I’m telling myself that even though it is not my favorite it is much better than nothing!!!  I did 45 minutes at a harder pace than the other day.  My legs feel very tingly again but I really think it is just the blood flowing!!!

So yesterday was just one of those perfect kind of  days!  I got cards from Chris and the boys:Mother's Day CardsBoth boys were very sweet with what they wrote – Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day CardsAnd – they gave me a Garmin!!!

my new Garmin
my new Garmin

I can’t wait to actually start running again so I can test it out!!!GarminIn the meantime – I will just pretend!!!

The weather was gorgeous – no wind so the lake was perfect!!!  And – WE PUT THE BOAT IN THE WATER!!!!  This always make me happy because it means we made it through winter and now it’s summer – my favorite!!!BoatWe didn’t actually take a ride – Chris just put it in and drove it to the marina.  It was a little chilly – plus we had stuff to do still!

We had some friends over for dinner – grilled steaks and chicken,  campfire potatoes and this super easy summer corn – a perfect ending to a great day!!!

Now, I’m ready for a great week!!

Happy Monday!!



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